• I opened my eyes.
    The gray tie-die world I lived in swirled around me as I hung, unaided, in the air.
    I was created. But for what purpose? Not even my father or mother knows.
    Could it be I was a by-product of some other being? Could I have awaken here, this trash can, as some scrap of trash?
    I slowly turned my head around glowing orbs of colored light fell every which way. Apparently gravity has no real purpose in this world.
    My body felt hot then cold as the orbs flew past barely touching of my exposed flesh.
    I shivered. The place was cold to me, as if the creator of the universe saw it fit to throw me out to an unwelcoming dimension.
    I felt as though my body was being pulled on all sides, like I was in a vacuum.
    My mind formed, growing at an alarming rate. My eyes darted to each orb, taking in each action as they sped up then slowed down, as if some unknown force was stopping it. I decided to find out what they were.
    I extended my left arm expecting it to move forward, instead it swung in a full arc, launching out and sticking behind me. My arm slowed down and continued its full rotation finally resting at my side. I move my right arm. But it just repeated my left once again stopping at its original spot at my side.
    I kicked my left leg but was alarmed to see my whole body turn backwards filing out a circle in which I regained my starting position.
    Panic started to swell up in my throat, begging to be released as a scream. I swallowed and calmed my breathing as I let my mind process the situation.
    A flashing orb flew by the slowed to a crawl in front of my hand. In a desperate move, I lifted my arm and my skin pricked in anticipation of the feel of this amazing light.
    But just as my hand connected to the orb I opened my eyes staring at my ceiling.