• As the Rain pattered against her window pain, it cast an eerie pattern onto her walls. The orange glow from her patio light transformed the rain drops into shimmering tear drops, just the same as the tears escaping Amelia’s eyes. As she stifled her whimpers, she proceed to finish the last cut. Her arm was bleeding profusely. The urge to cut harder had engulfed her today. Maybe because her parents were in the other room screaming about a divorce, or maybe because she was merely getting worse, she wasn’t sure. After finishing the last incision in her arm, she didn’t use a towel to stop the blood flow like so many times before. Instead, she watched it trickle onto her leg, then the floor, allowing the blood to flow freely. A tear drop fell from her eye, and landed into the tiny pool of blood, now forming next to her leg, blending together with the blood. She stared at her wall, watching the sparkling reflection of the raindrops from her window dance around in an array of beauty. She began to get dizzy as the blood from her 7 large cuts, made up and down her arm from elbow to wrist, bleed on and on and on. She giggled as she watched the blue walls fade, and blur until all she could see was a mass of blue. She faded in and out of consciousness, until her body finally gave up. “Perhaps the pain finally subside this time,” she muttered as darkness took over her body.
    Amelia rolled over in bed and sighed. Her arm was throbbing, but not as badly as before and she could tell the blood had stopped. Amelia froze, as felt the area around her. She snapped her eyes open and immediately looked to her arm. It had been neatly wrapped up and she was wearing and extremely ugly, and slightly drafty gown. The room was plaster white with a crappy little T.V. shoved into the corner. Her bed was on wheels and the room was strewn with flowers of all sorts. She felt a wave of failure wash over her as she realizes she was in the hospital. At first, she began to cry soft silent tears. But as she cried more and more, she grew louder and harder, until a nurse came in to see what was wrong. When the nurse stepped into the room, Amelia began flailing like a little girl screaming “I WANTED IT ALL TO END! WHY DIDN’T YOU LET IT END?!” Suddenly, she was being held down by four doctors, and they were strapping her up to her bed. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed her parents standing in the door way. She stopped squirming, and stared at them. She could read it in both of their eyes, “where did I go wrong?” Amelia began to cry again, but it was only a soft whimper. As they wheeled her away, she refused to look at her parents. She snapped her eyes shut and whipped her head to the side of the bed opposite her parents. After they passed, she opened her eyes again and relaxed her neck. Amelia hadn’t the slightest idea where they were taking her, but she didn’t care. All she ever thought about now-a-days was eternal darkness. Along the way to her un-known destination, Amelia could feel the eyes of everyone in the hospital. Why did they have to strap her down? It made her look like an insane asylum escapee.
    After a long elevator ride, and three long hallways, they finally reached their destination. Above a small door read, “Psychiatric Ward”. This sent Amelia into another flailing episode. She wasn’t crazy!! How could they do this to her?! Why weren’t her parents stopping them?! When she looked around for her parents, she realized they hadn’t followed. “So they’ve finally given up on me” She whispered to herself. The doctors looked around at each other, puzzled by her awkward statement. One young doctor was about to ask her what she meant, he seemed in-experienced. Then, another doctor motioned for him to stop. “Any verbal confrontation may send her back into a frenzy” He whispered to the curious doctor. Amelia giggled. They really think I’m crazy she thought. She began to laugh harder and harder, until she felt her ribs were going to explode. A doctor ran off, but Amelia didn’t care. This laugh made her feel good, in fact, she found the doctor’s run very hysterical, which sent her into an even hard stream of giggles. When the doctor returned, he strapped a mask onto her face, and turned a nozzle on a big tank. Amelia read the tank and froze, “Laughing Gas”. Amelia immediately stopped laughing and began to squirm ferociously once more. But it was too late. The gas was already taking affect, and she could feel herself slowly falling out of consciousness. A second before she passed out, she heard herself mumble, “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady croaks.”