• As we walked thouger the forest it started to change but also did the world and we came to a camp filled with vampires. "Jade welcome to the Monster World this is the vampire camp" Dark smiled then we walked into the camp. The vampires started at me like I was food oh wait i'm food to them. Then a boy walks up to us "welcome back Dark i see you have the human" the boy smiled i was scared od him but he was so hot. "Jade this is Aries" Dark said.

    Aries bows "hello Jade its nice to have you on our side" Aries said. It turns night after a couple hours we sit in front of a ganit fire then a old man vampire walks in front of the fire. "VAMPIRES we came here tonight to welcome a new member JADE!" I slowly got up and walked up beside the old man. "Oh God of vampires take this human girl and turn her to one of us". Then there was a howl and a boy jumps out of the bushs on all fours.