• “come on! Lets go!” I shouted to my teammates. Blasts of light exploded around the mansion, shattering everything in sight. We only had a few minutes before it would all be gone. The amulet, my father, and everyone else. I maneuvered my teammates around a majestic table that had collapsed into a pile of rubble. Before we could proceed, a young man in an ivory colored suit appeared next to a podium with a smug look on his face.

    I snarled at the sight of his pug-like complex.

    He teased, “Why do you look so distressed? Dont you know?” He
    toyed with the rifle in his hand.

    I questioned, beckoning my allies forward.

    “I just finished...” It took me a moment to
    assemble the cluster of words in my mind. A lance that dripped with blood hung from his belt. A familiar glimmer of it's golden bronze coating set me off. Everything added up. With one steady hurl I launched my spear forward, but his agillity overcame my futile attempt. The
    spear stuck in the plaster next to him. Rage rose up in my gut like flames in a furnace. The light of hope that had been welling up in me throughout the ferry ride was extinguished. And as if all the anger I had ever felt towards him was building up inside of me, I yelled at the top of my lungs. No one needed to hear a command to know what to do. My team had accumulated behind me in a small crowd which began to disperse around the towering building. I removed a small dagger from my pouch. My last chance to defeat Laurent. As it left my hand he removed something from a small package tied around his waist. All noises in the room ceased. The dagger fell to the ground and layed still. The only sound audible was the raspy breath coming from my mouth. We were all going to die. He pointed the object in our direction and pulled back a small trigger.

    Before I could object my head started spinning and I was plummeting through darkness. Nothing was tangible and I had only read about this feeling. But I knew what it was. I was time traveling. A harsh cry echoed around me. I screamed out to whoever was there, but all that came out was a gasp. Oxeygn seeped out of my lungs as I frantically flailed around. In minutes time, I would be dead. And as my corporeal body slipped away, the events leading up to this unravelled like a ball of yarn.