• “Where are you taking me? Put me down right now!” I shouted. Lenschi wouldn’t listen to me though. He kept walking on like nothing was wrong. The other nine people were walking with, some behind us, some in front.
    “Ah” Lenschi says. “I almost forgot! Guys, introduce yourself” he was totally ignoring me.
    “Me first!” a girl with light strawberry hair says. “My name’s Ellisia. I’m a Weirer just like Lenschi. Please to meet—”
    “What?” I interrupted “What in the world is a Weirer?”
    Everyone stopped walking, including Lenschi. They all turned to me with the same look on their faces. It was really quiet and it made me a bit nervous.
    “You don’t know what a Weirer is?” Ellisia asks.
    I hesitated before answering. “No, why does it…” I stared as their expressions changed, eyes widening, more shocked. “…matter?”
    “What did you do?!” everyone blurts out to Lenschi.
    “I—you—well” he stutters. I’ve realized that he does it a lot.
    “Oh my god, do you know what Daishaw will do to you?” another girl says. She had cute light green hair and wore an apple pin on the side. “He will murder you, you got that? You’ll be dead meat once he finds out!”
    “How will he find out?” a boy says. He had reddish magenta hair and green, green eyes. “He’ll never know if we—”
    “But he will know! What do you want us to do—hide her? Daishaw is the only one that could send her back”
    “Guys—” Ellisia tries to say but they kept on arguing.
    “Who says we need to send her back?” the boy yells.
    “You want to keep her here, huh? She doesn’t belong, and you know that!”
    “Guys—” Ellisia says again but louder.
    “Maybe she does know. Maybe she just forgot because of the trip here. It happens sometimes!”
    “No it doesn’t, it never does!”
    “Will you two shut up?!” Lenschi yells. “Mal,” he says to the green haired girl “Mich,” he says to the red haired boy, “Be quiet for a moment, will you? Just let me talk or…let her talk for herself”
    Uh oh, now it’s my turn to say something. Please, please don’t let me talk…don’t let me talk!
    Lenschi looks down at me. “Your name is Nedel, right? Nedel Medalia from planet Ore?”
    Great, should I tell him the truth or lie? Truth…lie…truth…lie… “Well, I am uh…” the look in his eyes made me spill out the truth. “No. My names Illie and I’m from…planet…Earth?” it sounded so cheesy to say that!
    Everyone started talking all at once. Half of them were panicked while the other half doubted me. Ellisia didn’t say anything at all because she was so shocked. Mal and Mich began yelling at each other again. My ears rang from all the racket. Lenschi just stayed quiet. All the shouting made me angry.
    “Let me go, let me go!” I scream at Lenschi. “I don’t want to be here anymore! Take me back, take me back to the orphan—” take me back to the orphanage? My mind ran wild. I’m not sure if I want to be back there again. “Just—just take me away from here!”
    “QUIET” a voice boomed. Everyone turned to see who it was, and when they saw who it was, they all gasped.
    “Daishaw” I heard Ellisia whisper.
    So that’s him. I looked at his long grey beard and weird blue robe. He looked like a wizard. He even wore the pointy hat that wizards wear. His skin was wrinkly old and on his right hand was a cane to help walk.
    “What’s with all the noise? You’re the last group for today to get your Shohns, and I expected more out of you six” his voice is strong for an oldie.
    I got confused. What did he mean by six? There was ten people here—well, eleven including me.
    Daishaw eyed every single person. I was the last person he set eyes on. “Who’s this? She yours, Lenschi?”
    I felt Lenschi’s heart skip a beat before he spoke, “Y—yes” he stuttered yet again.
    “No!” Mal yelled out right when Daishaw was going to say something. “Please, take her away from here! She doesn’t belong. She’s not from Ore, and she knows nothing of us. She doesn’t belong here
    “What?!” now Daishaw was furious. He turned an evil eye to Lenschi. “What did you do?”
    Before Lenschi could answer, I shouted, “Will you all just shut up? You’re giving me a headache! Can’t we save this for later?” my normal, cold hearted tone came back to life. “I’m tired and the trip here was awful. If I don’t belong here, why am I being treated like a criminal? I should be treated more nicely! It wasn’t my fault I came here. Even my body is ruined, I can’t move an inch!”
    Daishaw was baffled. He closed his eyes and sighed, opened them and said, “Very well”
    “What?!” Mal blurts.
    “We’ll discuss this later today” he says, ignoring her.
    “What?!” Mal wasn’t willing to accept all this.
    “Bring her to dinner. After that, we’ll talk with the Elders and see what they have to say about this. As of then, Lenschi will take care of…” he looks at me “Her”
    “What?!” she shouts for the third time. “He can’t take care of her! She’s a…she’s a…girl” I could tell Mal was struggling for the right words. “And, well…she should be taken care of by another girl because you never know what Lenschi would do to her” she smiled, finding the right words. “Yeah, boys are boys after all!”
    “Whatever he does to her is his responsibility. He’s the one that did this so he has to care for her himself. She’s his concern, not yours. You did nothing to make this situation what it is” that was it for him. Daishaw looked at each of us again then disappeared.
    Cool. I stared in disbelief. This place is really, really out of this world. It’s like a fantasy dream come true, but then again, I never had any fantasy dreams. I just now noticed that everyone here had strange color hair. It looks so natural on them though, so pretty. Ellisia was really cute, Mal too.
    “This sucks” Mal cursed. She gave me the look, the it’s-all-your-fault kind of look.
    “What?” I said smugly. “I didn’t do anything wrong”
    Mal stuck up her nose and began walking away. One of the boys that I didn’t know the name of followed her.
    “Maybe you’d want me to carry her?” Ellisia offered Lenschi, but he denied.
    “This is my problem, just like Daishaw said” Lenschi says.
    I started to get really annoyed. “Hello, I’m right here! And I’m not ‘her’ or, or ‘this’. My Name’s Illie, you got that? I-l-l-i-e!”
    “Yea, yea, I got it” Lenschi says. “Say, how old are you anyway?”
    That was so off topic. “I’m…t—fourteen” I lied. I never liked being a kid, so I might as well lie about my age. They’ll never know anyway.
    “She’s lying” one of the girls say. She was in curly pigtails, brownish-orange—another strange color.
    “Yea, she’s really twelve,” says a spiky black haired boy.
    “How did you—but I—how?” I asked.
    “I’ll tell you about it later when we get to my dorm” Lenschi says. “Can you help me put her on my back?” he asked Mich. “I’d rather carry her piggy back style then princess style”
    “Sure thing” Mich came over and put me on Lenschi’s back. “Better?”
    “Of course”
    “Wait a minute, wait just a minute!” I say. “What do you mean by dorms? How old are you guys? And why am I going into your dorm?! Did you forget my name already? Geez!”
    “What a noisy kid” Lenschi says. He was doing this on purpose! “She seems feisty. I bet if her body wasn’t paralyzed right now, she’d be beating us all up” he laughed.
    I grumbled to myself. This is going to be one heck of a life.

    part 3