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my thinkings of life and sometime poems in my big head and a chinese story that has gone dead..
Part49:The Answer of Ajax's qeustion
As we left off execpt it is now 12:23 pm.
"*gulps* will you marry me?"Ajax asked and kneeled down with a saphire ring for Jinx.
Jinx paused,and said "Ajax...i have to think it over...but that doesn't mean i am saying no...ok?"Jinx was getting emotional.(Hey i can't blame her,i would to!okies back to my story!)
"...fine,ok..."Ajax said sadly and walked Jinx to Valren's Palace.
They arived to see rozu and chi chi fighting over a container of cookies.
"no! its mine!!!!"Chi chi screamed."NO ITS MINE LITTLE SISTER!"Rozu yelled and tugged on the cookies,it looked like a tug of war bewteen a 5 year old and a 2 year old!Jinxd cut in the mess of fighting and picked up rozu."let your sister have those cookies!"Jinx laughed and twirled around with rozu in her arms."ok!!!miss jinx!"Rozu sqeauled and wiggled out of Jinx's grasp and ran to his room. Chi chi's motuh watered as she almost took a bite of a cookie,Ajax swiftly took the cookie away and chi chi looked at him,he bit the cookie.
"no cookies for you little girl."Ajax said with a smile after he finished the cookie.Chi chi pouted then crawled to her mom and dad's room.
Ajax and Jinx bursted out laughing and walked to there seprate rooms and went to sleep.
Jinx woke up and got dressed in her armor for her daily patrol and met a few ghostly friends.
"hello jade,how are you?"Whai's ghost asked.
"DAD?!!but your dead!!!"Jinx exclaimed,as she saw whai's ghostly appearence,he still had his short black wavy hair and a smile that would bring anything to life.
"yeah,i wanted to see my baby girl,but i see your a grown woman!"Whai laughed "and who is this so called Ajax? i heard alot about him,plus i know he is in deep deep and if not deep enough,REEAAAAAAAAALLLLL deep in love with you jade."Whai continued.
"i wish i could answer Ajax's qeustion dad...but i'm scared....your love got screwed up...and i don't want that happening to me....or my future genrations...i can't say yes to him...."Jinx explained sadly
"yes you can say yes,i promise to protect you and your future family will be safe from harm,i promise....i promise....."Whai faded away with the words.
"dad.....goodbye...."Jinx said crying softly.She ran to Ajax who was talking to a shopkeeper and hugged him.
"jax! i will marry you!"She exclaimed,Ajax kissed her in embrace.
"thanks jinx,thanks..."He said as he hugged her back,a tear drop of happiness rolled off of Jinx's cheek as she hugged him.

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