• Once apon a time there was a princess named Emery.She was born April 12 1994.Emery was a VERY popular girl.She was home schooled but, played with her best friends afterword.Emery and her family had to move when she was 10 because this other family bought there house from them but,they didn't want want to move.Emery was very depressed.There was no other big houses so they had to move in a dump they lost all there money and,became poor.After that Emery was not a princess anymore and,had to work to eat for living.She had lost all her friends and home school teachers.Emery became lonley very lonley.Her parents told her she had to get a job and she was only 12.She had applyed for all the jobs she could think of.But then she saw a help wanted sign and applyed.She passed the test and became a working whench.Everyday Emery brought home $1.After working 5 years Emery's back began to hurt so,she took a few days off.Then a prince saw her in the store and feel in love with her.He wanted to marry her but she always said no she never looked in his eyes.But then 1 day he asked her again and she looked in his eyes and said yes.Emery and the prince marryed bringing joy to her family.Then Emery and her husband lived happley ever after.

    The End