• It all started in that one moment. The moment Annelise died.
    No, she wasn't mortally wounded in anyway, nor did she appear to have any scars.
    She was dead inside. The moment the man shot Emma a part of Annelise died.
    A part of her that would never ever come back. A part that used to be called
    Annelise. This new part of her didn't have a name. It was just a big empty void.
    Full of nothing. No emotions. No personality. Nothing.
    It was interesting though, to see how much people didn't notice that the part
    called Annelise had died. They thought she was still in there, alive and intact.
    She wasn't. She wasn't in heaven either. She was in hell. Her hell was a
    place that reinacted the scene when Emma died over and over. Never
    letting Annelise have a moment of peace. She was always tortured by the
    death of her younger sister. Always thought it was her own fault. If she had stayed home that day and let the nanny have the day off her sister wouldn't be dead. If she would have gotten home
    earlier, before the man had gotten there her sister would never have been shot. And that part
    called Annelise wouldn't have died and left the huge void. The void would never be filled by
    Annelise. Nothing would ever fill the void. Nothing. Because that's what the void is. It's
    nothing. How would it be anything else? The void was welcoming people to the funeral.
    The void was putting on a fake smile when people told it they were sorry for its loss.
    The void was doing everything right. The void wasn't letting anybody see the other
    death that had been caused. The void didn't want anyone to know. Annelise didn't
    blame it.
    The void was being watched. It could feel the stare of everyone in the halls. It could hear
    the whispers of the teachers and its classmates. It could practically hear someone say,"
    What's she doing back? Shouldn't she be mourning?" The void ignored it all. It just thought
    about putting one foot in front of the other. It reached its first period classroom and sat
    in the seat in the back of the class. The void wanted to seperate its self from the rest
    of the class. The back seat seemed like one of the best ways to do it. The void smiled
    to itself as class started and people listened to the teacher explain the civil war. The voids classmates couldn't turn around and stare at it now. They only had their thoughts. The void stared out the window where it was fall and the leaves were turning colors. Colors. One of the things the
    void didn't have. It only had plain. No color. Part of the void yearned for color,the other part wanted to kill all color. The void was torn into so many pieces that it couldn't pull itself back together.
    Annelise was crying. Crying so hard. She felt like she was being ripped into pieces as she watched the murder happen over and over again. She just wanted to end it,but she couldn't. She was in hell already. She couldn't go anywhere else. The void listened to Annelise's thoughts. Poor girl. She
    thought she was literally in hell. If she only knew that that was just her own little hell that was created after the murders. The real hell was far worse and she would never want to go there.
    If only Annelise and the void could both have peace. The void was peaceful where it was. It
    was just controlling a body that had died. It was fine with that. Annelise would be far more happy
    dead. If she kept thinking like that the void would have to comply. Then only Annelise would
    actually be happy.