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  • Artist Info: hola everybody!!! xD u can call me alice. i dnt like my real name. xxxDDD well, i used to. cuz this dude i used to be totally in luv with said my name so amazingly but it turns out now he has a gf BUT ANYWAY.<br />
    lmfao im sorta a gothic chick but i SMILE!!!! lmfao i LOVE to write and wanna be an author when i grow up. check out my entries in the arena!!! i also luv to sing and dance (HIP HOP). fave store is hot topic. id have to say my favorite songzz of the moment r all the songs from we as humans' EP burning sattelites. fave bands r paramore, skillet, we as human, evanescence, 3DG, hey monday, automatic loveletter, big time rush (even tho theyre like a singing group lmfao XDD) and meg&dia. fave singers r owl city/adam young, avril lavigne, jennette mccurdy and many more. fave movie for teh moment is alice in wonderland. fave books, also WAY too many to count. ima total book nerd xD my fave of the moment is probably the series darkest powers by kelley armstrong tho. I LOVE DEREK SOUZA!!!!!!! xxxDDD anyway, ima quit blabbin now and u can proceed lookin at my pro. BYEEEZZZZ!!!!!!!<br />
    <br />
    i got some amazin besties on this site!!! they r: snoop, tay, pen, catie, and alli (and sometimes vy and fear lmfao). theyve always been there for me and stick with me thro everything, always makin me laugh and cheerin me up when im down. they always try to get me to talk to the boy i like, but always fail. HA!!!!!!!! xxxDDD lmfao theyre like my sistahz. i luv em to death. i wouldnt kno where id be without em!!! xD<br />
    <br />
    quote of the moment:<br />
    "Walking down the street that we grew up in, but today is not the same. It's like a different town, a different place, a different name. So I kick my heels against the curb, through a stone to where you live, hoping, to see you, again. Well hope is low, will you show? And I remember......." ~The Day That Saved Us by Automatic Loveletter
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