• "Hey you, stop right there!" Cloudy heard the muscle man yell. "Let her go, the Screamers will catch her at the apartment." The Destiny Mage said.

    Apartment? Who said I was heading to a apartment!?

    The clicking of Cloudy's furry boots seemed to be enough of a timer for her. She turned the right corner, to stop in her tracks as a puddle splashed inside her furry boots.

    A guy with black hair, with huge black glasses on. Screamer!

    Cloudy ran into a Police Station, knowing they might not be able to help. Cloudy made herself look helpless as she ran in, making herself look like she had seen a ghost.

    She thrust herself at a Police Office, looking up at him with big eyes.

    "Help me please, there are people..that are going to hurt meee..." Cloudy made the world me go on long, making herself seem even more scared.

    The Police Office was plump, very plump and short. He had on black glasses. He let out a hearty laugh, this laugh made Cloudy bristle.

    How dare a human laugh at her, when she was almost vermin like them, and they don't help their citiziens!

    "I'm sorry, little girl but this is a Human Police Station. Not some freaky station for some little Destiny Mages to march right in."

    Cloudy froze, as if she had been hit by a lazer beam. How did this human know she was a Destiny Mage?

    She looked up at the Police Office, questionly. Suddenly there seemed to be air and static in the air as the Plump heart Police Man disappeared, and reappeared as a boy with black hair.

    Aaah, very smart. Using a Mind to turn a object into a Police Man, then somehow teleport them here. Teleporter, duh.Screamer!

    Cloudy wretched herself to turn around and run, but it was too late.

    The Screamer took off his glasses. His eyes were streched out far, as he opened his mouth beyond the length of his chin, and let out a horrible scream.

    Glass broke, the tables fell on their sides, the jail bars seemed to shudder. Cloudy fell to the ground, covering her ears with her hands, screaming at the Screamer.

    "Stop, please stop! Please!" Cloudy yelled helplessly. This is what it felt like to die. Being killed without saving your sister, or your mother.

    Cloudy felt the sense of a good presence near her. Her ears were bleeding, her mouth was opened, ajar. All the color from her face had gone to her jaw.

    "Stop right there, Screamer." All of the sudden the Screamer was hit by a Lion.

    I tried pulling myself away, but my arms felt like they were going to explode.

    "Stop now, pick her up and let's get out of here!" Who is he talking to?

    I heard someone mumble something, as he/ or she. I wasn't very sure at the moment. I was lucky enough to even hear them.

    I was lifted on the Lion's back. My hands automaticly gripping it's mane.

    I don't care who these fools are, I'll just let them get me out of here, then I'll ditch them.

    Cloudy let herself drift off, she felt like she was floating in the clouds, like a hawk or a robin. Her hawk!

    She sat upright, peering around in the darkness. Two boys were collasped in two chairs, not far from were she was.

    Cloudy was laying on a old rusty couch that squeaked when she rolled around.

    Time to escape!

    She got out her silver gun, clicking it to make sure it was loaded.

    Her phone let out the theme song to ~Pokemon~ she knew it was childish, but she couldn't help herself.. it was very catchy.

    She flipped it open. "Hello?" Cloudy whispered in the phone, careful not to wake one of the boys.

    "Hey Cloudy, open the door, Cloudy."

    ?" Cloudy whispered, almost mouthed.

    "Oh and, put down your gun too, and take out that dagger in your red sock while your at it."

    Cloudy pulled out a silver dagged case, and stuck it in her bag.

    She sneaked toward the door, looking through the eye hole.

    No one.

    She opened the door. A boy with black hair was standing at the door, with a orange haired boy, there was a girl with brown hair standing behind the two boys.

    "Put that cursed thing down, Cloudy." The black haired boy said.

    "Let's get out of here." The orange haired boy said.

    "Oh let's just go you two." The girl said, gripping my wrist and starting to walk.

    "Hey watch it! "Who said I was even going with you."

    "Oh, who even cares what you think?" The girl muttered under her breath.

    "Excuse me, but I'm not a toddler. I think I'll walk myself." With that I slipped my dagger out of my bag and turned right, avoiding the three freaks.

    "Catch her at the bottem, Pat..." "No problem, Rocky.."

    So that were their names. Well there was one problem with that plan. She wasn't going to the bottem, and out the door.

    She stepped back, standing on a long narrow wood polished almost run-way to a huge stain glass window.

    She dashed at the window, aiming for the flower. She bursted through the window, hearing gasps from vermin below her.

    She escaped those freaks so far. For now at least.