• There was a neighborhood full of crews there was 5 main crews Blood shot ,Head bound, Caribbean Cowboys,and 21st gangster all of them ran neighborhood put one foot in one of the crews turf and you toast black toast The leader of bloods name was Roger leader of head was Ryan cowboys was Sergio and 2st was me i was riding my bike and then bam a knife flew out windows i was like holy fudge and then Carmen was like let's go we got onto head bound then i got shot it stung like hot glass on ground from summer and it being 150 degrees out then i felt pain in my arm thinkin the reaper coming to take me but then Maegan lifted me up and kissed me then I fell into a black hole thinkin i was in hell i stood up and noticed i fell into a trap door
    I looked around saw dead bodys and skulls i tried to get out i scremed then i found jetpack saying etf did this come flew out and punched head bound's leader and said take that b***h