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  • Artist Info: hi! this is Hotgirl of darkness,<br />
    I'm a normal girl, in a semi-normal family, I've got friends(Some friendlier than others) and I have 2 annoying sisters. They bug me ~ALOT~, but I still love them...(Some of the times!) but no one perfect right??<br />
    so here we go,<br />
    Friends: alot, but i wont name them.<br />
    Games: Rs, and Gaia Online<br />
    Family: M~o~ther, F~a~ther, AJ, SJ(both of my sisters), and me!<br />
    we have no pets, (because my fish just died!) <br />
    School: Not going 2 teell u, cause then I'd have some ppl following me around...(moving on!)<br />
    Sports: Tennis, Softball, Swimming, Floor Hockey, Baseball, Pillow Polo(a really fun game!), and I'm out of Ideas!<br />
    well, thanks for listening 2 my really boring life!<br />
    ohh!<br />
    I almost forgot a really important thing(s)!<br />
    Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
    User Image<br />
    and I heart books!=]<br />
    so, now that u k somethings about me, pm me whenever u need 2 talk 2 someone, cause I'll b right here, listen 'in' 2 music!<br />
    c u l8er!
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