• It was 3 in the morning when I finally pulled into my driveway. I turned the key and off went the car. I couldn't help but brake down. My mother had just died. She wasn't supposed to die. Her late 40's weren't her oldest age meant to be.
    My father, the pig, had beaten her for many years. I was also victim to his hatred. He hated my mother for getting pregnant with my supposed to be, baby brother. It was his fault though. He figured she was too old to have kids. They never used protection, what was the point if she was "too old"?
    When she told him, she was smiling. She figured he would be happy. He hated me for being a girl instead of his "star boy". I never did understand why my mother loved him. He hated her. I kept telling her to leave him, but she wouldn't listen. She just told me that love conquers all. How little my mother knew.
    Parts of me hated me mother for not leaving him. While the other side of me felt badly, immensely. Being an only child can be hard with an abusive dad. No one else to back me up in convincing my mother to leave him.
    When I finally got a hold of myself, I decided to go inside and get my things, then go back to Angie's house. Angie was my best friend. I would be safe at her house. Mitch (my father) tried to harm one night while I was at Angie's.
    Mitch showed up at Angie's house and almost knocked down their door. They had to call the police to come get him. Naturally, he was drunk. The police had fun with that one. He got plenty of tickets and was banned from their property. When I got home that night, my mother couldn't do anything, except watch and cry.
    If she interfered with my beatings, she would be next. I can sort of understand dealing with an abusive husband but after he hits your kid(s) you shouldn't have any second thoughts on leaving.
    Now it was just him and I. All the beatings for me. No one would believe me even if I had the courage to tell someone. If he found out I told someone, I might be the next one to be berried, literally. I had to leave. The plan would be to go up stairs and get a few clothes and all the money I had.
    I would get out of town and go somewhere far away. First I had to go to Angie's house to tell her what had happened. The hospital, Mitch, and I were all that knew of my mother’s death. That was the weird way my father worked.
    He would beat my mother and then take her in for repair like she was a television set with a broken cable box. This time, there was no repair. He wished she would've died sooner. Then he wouldn't have to buy more food for her to cook.
    I wasn't sure if I had the will power to go in there, maybe just go without anything. What if he was awake and waiting for me to come in so he could finish me off next. I had to do it. There would be no way to pay for gas without my money. I would need clothes to change into so that I wouldn't have to buy new one's. I had to go in.
    I got out of my car but kept the door open just in case he came after me. I walked up to my front door and opened it. Walked in and up the stairs to my room. As soon as I was in my room I closed the door and started grabbing things and putting them in a backpack and then a suitcase. I had three bags full of belongings and $600 in cash. I was ready to go. I opened my room door and there he was.
    My father was standing right in my doorway waiting for me. I slammed my door shut and locked it before he could react. I opened my window and threw everything out. He was trying to get into my room but kicking the door in. I slid down the roof of the first story. Thankfully he hadn't gotten smart yet and gone down stairs. I ran to my car and threw everything in and then jumped in myself. I locked my doors and started the car. As he was coming out of the house I was pulling out of the driveway. He grabbed onto my left side mirror and tried for the handle but I pulled away as fast as I could. I was safe now.
    I arrived at Angie's 10 minutes later. She ran out of her house after hearing my car pull up. What can I say. My car is a piece of crap, so it’s hard not to hear. She ran over to my door and flung it open before I could even fully stop the car.
    "What happened? Are you okay. I heard on the news about your mom. Where's your dad? Is he..." I cut her off.
    "Angie! I'm fine. He should still be at the house. My mom's dead, yeah. I have some clothes and money and I'm leaving town. It's what I have to do and before you object..."
    "I want to go with you" She cut me off this time. I was shocked, not exactly what I had expected her to say. I had to think about this. What was she thinking. She was going to leave everything, for me?
    "What are you talking about Ang? You can't go with me. You have a life here. A boyfriend and loving parents, amazing friends.."
    "Your my best friend Ash. I can't let you go to far before I either object or go with you. If you go, I'm coming. NO EXCEPTIONS!" What could I say to that. Once she has her mind set that much, there's no going back. So my best friend was coming with me to the place I had not figured out yet.
    "Ang, where are we going to go where we both can survive? I mean, I planned on going somewhere but I wasn’t sure yet. I only have $600 and that’s not even enough for me to get an apartment. School is a whole different subject."
    "Ashley, come on. I have money. Enough to get us through for a while. I mean college isn't that..."
    "Angie your going not going to use your college tuition. It's to important to you."
    "My parents want me to go to college. I'm not even sure if I can make. It doesn’t matter to me. I'm going to get my stuff and all my loose change. Wait here." I couldn't debate with her about this.

    -----To be Continued-----

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