• Caliginosity- Chapter One (In Progress)
    Chapter 1: Retrospection

    Was I scared or was I just exaggerating , either which way my dilemma was even worse. The questions boggled through my head, as it played pinball searching for the answers. Was he the one I was meant to be with? Did he love me for me? It was all a fog in my eyes. There was no answers or explanations, just confusion. But there was only one thing on my mind now and one thing only, it was that I'm about to die.

    I ran as fast as my heart could keep up with, but an instinct inside told me I couldn't hold it up much longer. The branches scarped against my jeans, tearing the fabric slowly, as it left bloodly cuts. I was in the middle of the forest, and the only thing that woud save me was getting out to the nearest town. My brained was fried. I knew every corner of the forest since I would sketch nature's beauty everyday, it was just that now it was pitch black, the only thing that guided me were the stars. Leaves crunched under my weary feet, losing control. I wasn't in my body. I could hear him getting closer, but I kept going. Tears welled up in my eyes, I never expected that I would die like this, actually the thought never crossed my mind. But at any minute it would be the end of the road for me, no matter how much I fought against him, it wouldn't matter.

    If he was what I expected him to be at this point, nothing would stop him. My only guesses were that my blood was admiring to him, addicting as to a drug. He wanted me. The pieces slowly fell in place. Now I knew why he fell for me out of all the drop dead gorgeous girls out there, he just thristed for my blood.

    I stopped.

    I was in front of a tall tree, from what I could see the last sketch I would draw as a human...or forever.

    I took in deep breathes trying to regain energy to runaway, until cold hands were around my waist.

    "Looks like I've won this game of hide and seek." Zane's cold breath was on my neck, as I perfectly heard his slight chuckle.

    "You think this is amusing!?"

    "Yes, is that a problem."

    His remarks brought a great force of bother to me.

    "Please just leave." I gulped, as a tear-drop went down my face. Zane's finger was on my cheek stopping the tear.

    "And why would I do that!"

    "Because...because y-you love me." my words stammered.

    "Selene the question is, do I?" I squeezed my eyes closed. All this time I thought I've found the one person I could relate to, and know he says there is a possible chance he never felt what I've felt.

    "I promise it won't be painful." I could feel his grasp tighten. I squirmed.

    "HELP! SOMEONE HELP!" I knew there was no use, no one would be able to here my cries for help.

    "Shhh" he turned my body to have us facing each other.


    "Selene make this easy."

    "SOMEONE!" I yelled.

    He held me even tighter to where it hurt, to where the handprints would scar on my skin. Zane pushed me through the dirt, to where suddenly my back sprung against a tree. Chills were sent through my spine and pain was all I could feel.

    "Selene just try to stay still, you obviously are aware that you will never be able to escape with your tiny, fragile self."

    "You said it was impossible." I tried staying optimistic through my words, but the truth in my heart was that Zane was absolutly correct, I wouln't be able to free myself.

    All I was sure of was that I didn't have the energy to scream, or squirm, I was weak at this point just effortless.

    Zane gently brushed my hair to my left sholder. His touch. His grasp. Everything was recited in an elegant pattern. Zane pushed his body on mine, to where I had no way of moving at this point.

    "HELP...SOMEONE HELP ME!" I tried, but my eyes welled up with tears once again. Zane's head came over meeting with my lips. He kissed me with great force, roughly, with no passion.

    "Remember, I do love you. But I cannot resist any longer. You see I've always wanted to rip you apart, and just feed. Like a lion hunting a lamb, just waiting for the right moment, to lunge."

    "Zane...please. I'll move if I have to, just don't do this."

    "I can't listen to you this time."

    "Don't..." he kissed me once again.

    "I'm sorry."

    I could feel the breeze against me. His mouth widened, and his head moved slowly toward my neck. I gulped. Razors went through my skin as I screamed in pain...

    It went black.

    I lay on a cold hardwood floor, in utter silence. My eyes opened slowly viewing plain white walls, and the sun’s rays beaming in exposing myself. My pale skin burned. Not showing any flames, but boiling in my blood. All five senses awoke, as I scattered from the floor to the infernal window. I pulled down the drapes blocking the sun’s rays.

    I took a deep breath of relief.

    By what my eyes could see, I was safe and secluded at home. The question layed in my mind though...How? I tryed to follow my steps, to remember, but honestly I couldn't. Nothing made sense. My thoughts were interroupted.
    "Selene, come on. Your gonna be late." Nancy alarmed. Nancy is my paranoid, over-protective, dedicating, insane mother. Not a great mix of characteristics. Nancy is the type that would rather stay at work than be home with her own daughter...I was never bothered.

    I finally got myself up. I moaned in pain, my muscles were tight, and my throat burned vividly. I felt unlike myself, as if I were a sprit in a different body. Uncomfortable. My body dragged itself toward my closet. I let my weary hand control the faux gold doorknob, shaking it to open until it did. I pulled out the a thermal, thin layer shirt that was awfully tight around my slim upper figure, it was the color of white. I then dragged out a pair of denium jeans that were torn at the edges. In an instant I was in the bathroom.

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