• Once upon a time-
    “Now wait a moment!” The girl looked up. The girl, the Baby-Sitter, was sitting cross-legged on a bed, a young boy in front of her.
    “What’s wrong?” the girl asked.
    The boy was eight years old and had shaggy, dirty blond hair. His blue-green eyes where hidden behind large black glasses that rested firmly on the bridge of his nose. He wore a large white button up, covering his short, pale legs. He was around seven and a half.
    “You said this wouldn’t be some old fairy tale! You promised me a good story!”
    The girl, laughed “Martin, your so impatient! I promise you, this is a great story, one you’ve never heard before! You just need to let me start!”
    “It’s not about a princess, is it?”
    “No,” she chuckled, “It’s not. But I can change how it starts, if you’d like.”
    As Martin was about to respond, the door opened. In walked two kids, a boy and a girl. They both were at the age of ten. The girl wore a light blue nightgown, while the boy, on the other hand, wore a faded red, almost pink, pair of pajamas. His strawberry blond hair was cut short and brushed back from his face. Hers was pulled back into a ponytail. Her blue eyes laughingly shined at her little brother, as if thinking of something funny she would latter do to him. His eyes, unlike his sisters, held a mischievous gleam in them.
    “What are-” the boy began.
    “-you guys talking about?” the girl finished.
    “No! Don’t let the Twins in here! Seth and Alice always ruin everything!” Martin exclaimed.
    “Now little brother,” Alice said, looking at her twin.
    “Don’t be such a little pain!” Seth ended, sticking his tongue out.
    “Now now, Martin. The Twins may join us.” the girl said, calming Martin down as Seth, grinning at the fact that he was staying despite his brother, plopped down next to the girl. Alice lied down next to Martin and laid her head on his pillow.
    “I was just about to tell Martin a story.” the girl said as she brushed her hair out of her face.
    “Oh, oh, what’s it about?” Alice asked happily.
    “No, don’t spoil it yet!” Seth groaned.
    “Now, now, just listen you three.” the girl said as she closed her eyes in thought.
    Once upon a time-
    “You said you’d change that.”
    “Hmm? Oh, yes, sorry Martin.”

    Many years ago…
    In New York City. There lived an eighteen-year-old girl named Callista. She was a rebel, of sorts, and was always getting into fights, which made her parents worry about her all the time.
    Being the disobedient type, despite her debutant mother‘s wishes, she cut her brown hair short, and had it pulled into her favorite red and black baseball cap and wore a large and baggy black leather jacket, no matter the weather, in an attempt to keep herself from looking too feminine. Her eyes were always shiny emerald green and her lips always seemed a rosy red color.
    It was on a warm fall evening that the story really begins. She was coming home from the store with bags of groceries for her mother.
    Stupid mother. Stupid Traffic. Stupid store!” She growled as she skated down the sidewalk, groceries in hand. “Why do we have to live twenty freakin’ blocks from the store?!?”
    She speed down the sidewalk quickly, hoping to get home before dark.
    As she shot passed an alley, she stopped and turned around, hearing the sounds of a fight.
    “Give us your money!” a gruff voice shouted.
    “Yeah, or else!” said a wheezy voice.
    “Or else well kill you!” grunted a deep voice.
    “But sirs, I don’t have any money.” this voice made Callista’s heart stop. It was soft and smooth, and spoke without a drop of fear.
    Callista ran into the alley to see three thugs standing over a fallen man. The man on the left was a tall, heavily built and bald man holding a crowbar. On the right, a gangly man with balding hair stood holding a chain in his long fingers. And in the center stood a muscular man with a switchblade in his palm. It seemed like he was the leader.
    “HEY!” Callista shouted at them, making them turn around. “Pick on someone your own size!” Grabbing a stone that laid on the ground she whipped it at the Leader’s head.
    He stumbled back, holing his forehead, and growled at Callista, his eyes narrow. “Lenny! Nero! Get the kid!” he shouted.
    The chain-wielding man, Lenny, whipped the chain in his hand, wrapping it around Callista’s wrist and pulling her closer. Nero held his crowbar out, ready to slam it into her head.
    Thinking quickly, she ducked down and reached back, grabbing her skateboard. She quickly held it up as Nero swung the crowbar at her. The board cracked, a large line going down the center. She threw it at him, swinging around and kicking Lenny in the head, sending them both back. She turned, looking at the Leader.
    He was flipping the switchblade from hand to hand, staring at her, puzzled. “You, kid, are good, you know that?” he said with a Brooklyn accent. “Which is why I fell bad, you knows? Cause I don’t wanna have to break in yours skull , but your giving me no other choice!” He started towards her, his puzzled look turning deadly.
    Callista began backing up, looking around for a weapon. As the man came closer she took one more step back and swung her leg, slamming it into his head. His head bounced against the wall and hit the ground.
    Callista panted, grabbing the brim of her hat and wiped her forehead. She laughed a bit. “Well, that was fun. Hey, are you….alright?” she asked, looking for where the man had gone. She hadn’t seen him leave. She looked about, gasping when a pair of hands wrapped around her waist. “What the-”
    “A girl? What a shock. Well, it’s nice of you to save me, My Dear, but I fear that you have just taken away my meal. But for your valiant efforts, I will make you my Slave instead of my meal.” the man whispered into her ear. She felt something sharp hit her neck and she gasped in pain.
    “What are you doing!?” she shouted, her back arching in pain. Her vision blurred and her legs weakened.
    The last thing she remembered was the man lifting her up and taking her away.