• Being who I am I have one mission in my life. One mission I must put before any other.It's split among us, the head weilders. Our mission, it's been passed through generations, having never been accomplished is to find the one who can save us all. It's our only chance, for us sorcerors to survive, to find the one who posseses the true power. Don't ask me what kind of power, I don't know, they never say, no matter how many times i ask. I have a hunch that even they don't know. They, being our leaders, I call them the supreme team...not to them of course, they hate that, little do they know I started it. They always say:"The true power is our only hope, without it ,the our good magic will be gone forever." Which is totally bull because sorcerors have been known to use their abilities for no good. Actually about one forth of the population is the bad kind. That's another reason we need this. The meraculous power is somehow suppost to make everything better. We have reason to believe the power is held by a person or object...vague I know, but if it was a human that means the reason no one could ever find the power was that it wasn't born yet. We also have reason to believe it's in Arizona, not exactly sure why, again the people who have to actually do work are left out in the dark. Anyways I'm in this morbid desert now, on New Years around one-thirty in the morning just wondering some neighborhood. No doubt there's drunks and posers walking around, but I'm 6'2" and trained for this line of work. My name's Rick.
    It was finally quiet, the fireworks have stopped and I haven't had any passer-bys, it was almost like it was just me here, like no one else existed. Moments like these are the ones where I like to enjoy the little things. My favorite is the night sky. Black unknown, mysterious ,but lit up by the glow of the stars and moon. Truely beautiful. I would get so much greif from my friends if they knew that's why I liked it.
    When I finally allowed myself to look forward again, there was some guy...trying to get over a wall to a backyard? I ran toward him, and knocked him down, he landed on the sidewalk infront of me.
    "What are you doing?"I demanded enraged, a break in?On a holiday?Pathetic.
    "I live here,I got locked out"He said and I might of believed him if there wasn't another voice that cut him off.
    "Like hell"it rang out sounding pretty annoyed. It was a girl's I'm sure.
    "Go."I said with a scary brutality. The man,he was around my age from the looks of it,senior in highschool or just out ran as fast as he could without looking back. When I was sure he wasn't coming back I hopped on the wall,and sat on it.
    "Hello?"I asked looking for whoever spoke earlier.
    "Great.One for another"The same voice mumbled, if my hearing wasn't advanced ,I would have no clue what she just said."What do you want"She asked louder and venomly.
    "Are you okay? Who was that?"I asked still trying to find where she was at.
    "Some moron, New Years,"She ponted out"There's many."She was obviously hinting I was a moron, which I wouldn't hold against her, after all I'm just walking around a neighborhood at one-thirty in the morning. Like him."And I really could of handled him"
    I couldn't hold it back I laughed"Really?"I asked in a way I knew sounded degrading, but it slipped out.
    "Even now"She said, my words having no effect"I could take you on"
    "Really?"I asked more serious but the sarcasim was still there"Because it looks to me like your hiding"
    This time she was the one who laughed, a hard laugh, a mean laugh"It looks to me like you have bad eyesight"This kinda confused me, she wasn't anywhere that I should be able to see her. She laughed again, but this time, it was like music, she was amused by my confusion I suppose. Then a slight screech filled the air. A swing?
    She came in view and pointed left. A swingset. I was shocked when I saw her, she was beautiful. Long straight raven-black hair, silver-grey eyes and pale skin about seventeen-eighteen. A smile lit up her face, my loss of words made her smile. I hope she still thought I was confused and not stunned. Because I was, I've only ever seen this kind of beauty once, in the night sky. That's what she was like, hair black unknown, mysterious, but lit up by the glow of her skin and eyes.Truely beautiful.
    "That wasn't there two minutes ago."I said firmly.Once again she lightly laughed,that happy laugh.
    "Sure and if I didn't tell you that guy didn't live her you wouldn't of helped him over the fence"Well didn't she know how to talk back.Her teacher's must love her.
    I was at a loss for words,I probably would of helped.Like a moron.So I did the only polite thing.
    "I'm Rick"I grinned
    "Ava"She said a smile still on her face.
    "Nice to meet you Ava,still think you could take me in a fight?"
    She laughed hystariclly"Of course!"she said like it was a known fact"You have no idea"
    "Really?No idea?"I chuckled once"I'm like a half a foot taller then you and have more muscle"
    "Now"She said slyly"I don't think I meant physically"
    "A vebal duel then?What would that prove?"
    "I already won the 'verbal duel'"She mocked"I don't think I said that either though"
    "Alright then what's left?"She had a point.
    Her smile grew brighter"You don't want to know"
    "I think when someone asks they wanna know"I scoffed.
    "I don't think you can handle it"She scoffed right back.
    "Try me"I dared
    "I'll show you what I can do,then you can determine whether or not you're up for it."She turned toward the swingset,then with the sanp of her fingers,it fell apart.She had to be one of us.I jumped from the wall into the backyard,suddenly feet from her.
    "How did you do that?"I asked seriously.My expression must of scared her because her face grew grim,smile vanished, remorse filled her eyes.
    "I-uh I"This is the first time she had even the slightest sense of insecurity since I've met her,and I didn't like it.I didn't like her being scared of me.
    "Look"was what I said and I used my power to make a gust of wind,her hair rustled in it,which I'm not sure how made her look even more amazing.Using this to show her I had powers was weak but it was strictly prohibited for us to use magic unless we had too.So the smaller the better.
    "That was you?"She asked"The wind?"
    "Yeah"I reasurred nervously,how much as we weren't allowed to use our magic it was way way worse to tell someone you control it.Before another word she hugged me,out of no where,she launched to give me a hug.
    "Thank you"She said still hugging me"I thought I was alone.Thank you"
    "You're far from alone Ava"I liked saying her name,it felt natural.Which almost distracted me from the fact I was so screwed when I talk to the 'supreme team' next."There's more of us"
    She pulled away from me"More?"She asked"How do you know?"
    "I.I go to school with them"I felt guilt well up inside of me,I knew I wasn't the only one like this,I had buddies that were exactly the same and knew what it was like,but she,was alone.No one could even begin to understand her here.
    "School?"She asked"Why are they all at the same school?"
    "Well"I said,the guilt grew"Usually when someone has magic,so do their parents,and all the generations before them, so...well it's not coincidence,it's on purpose we're all at the same school,to learn about our magic."
    I saw sadness in her eyes and I felt terrible,but she was tough,and wasn't going to give into it."Why wasn't I?My parents don't have this...they don't even believe I do."It almost seemed like she was having a flashback her eyes stared at the ground a good few minutes passed then with fiercness in her eyes she looked at me"It never happens does it?You said it usually doesn't but it's never actually happened."
    "It hasn't"I took in a deep breath,I had hoped she wouldn't realize that"But my leaders,they'd tell us why,they know everything,they'd been around for ages."
    She looked at me skeptically,but it was obvious she was desperate,she was gonna go with me.She had to have her questions answered,and from the looks of it sooner was better then later.
    "Now?"I asked the moment I said it,her eyes were happy again.
    "Now.Just let me leave a note..."
    "You can't say where you're going"I immediatly corrected her,but that amused laugh played again
    "Do you think i'm dense?"She laughed once more"It's going to say I'm staying at a friends house."
    "That's pretty smart"I admitted almost reluctantly.
    "I know"She walked into the backdoor.After the minutes past I wondered if she was planning to come back.A moment later,as I contimplated leaving she walked out a small backpack slung over her shoulder,and wore jeans,cut at the knee replacing her pajama pants a midnight blue t-shirt a jacket and black tennis shoes.She looked amazing.
    "Wanna fix the swing set first?"I asked.
    She examined the pile of remains and shook her head"Naw."Just like that she hopped on top of the wall."Vandalism is common.Unfortunate,but common none the less."
    She jumped out of view.I followed.
    "Where are theese guys anyways?"She asked following me."The leaders or whatever"
    "At school of course"
    "They're teachers?"She asked doubtfully
    "No.But they stay on campus for advanced students"
    "Nerd?"She asked in a suprised tone
    "No.They don't-well-I'm not their favorite person"
    "Where's the school?"she asked
    "How far?"
    "New york"
    "You're funny"She said
    "I am but I'm not joking"
    "Kay."She said thoughtfully"How are we getting there?"
    "The only way that takes less then five minutes"
    "Um.I've never done that with my power."She hesitated
    "You can't"I took a bottle out of my pocket."This can"
    "And that is?"
    "No.You'll laugh."
    "Fariy dust.Funny but it's the only way you can travel like that."As I guessed she was laughing,and it sounded as medolic as the first time,why I wanted to stop her was beyond me.
    "When do we use it?"
    "When we get out of the neighborhood if anyone saw,it'd get it taken away"
    "You say that like it's a cellphone you used to many minutes on."she laughed"like it's so normal"
    "Well.It sorta is for me"she had a small smile on her face and about a minute of silence went by.I didn't know if this would upset her but I had something to ask.As far as I could tell it was a touchy subject,something she might not want to share with a best friend,let alone a stranger."How did you do it?"
    "Do what?"She asked still distracted by whatever she was staring at.
    "Get through this?Handle it for this long, all by yourself?No one to talk to,no one who you can trust with your secret.How could you possibly make through that?"
    "Oh.That."She took a deep breath held it for a second and some what unwillingly,answered"Well it was hard.Really hard,my parents think it's a joke.I've been saying it since kindergarten and they think it's some old joke.Since I kept saying it throughout the years,they had the nerve to sent me to a counselor in middle school.I told them I was just kidding after that.Friends.Well I don't dare tell them,without them I'd really have nobody left."
    "Why didn't you ever show them?"
    "I was afraid.I thought about it quite a few times,but they sent me to conseling for saying things they thought were a joke,imagine what they'd do if they knew I wasn't kidding.I wouldn't be suprised if they sent me to somekind of mental ward,or area 51 somthing like that.No I couldn't do it."
    "It's okay you know."I said"You're not crazy,and you're definatly not alone."
    "Thanks"She smiled"I owe you alot.You have no idea what this means."
    "You do owe me"I smiled"The supreme team's gonna have my head for this"
    "Is that why they don't like you?"She grinned"You call them the supreme team behind their backs?"
    "Well they don't know I started that.It'd make things worse if they knew."
    "Started?"She smiled"So this is a big thing?"
    "...Yeah."Another laugh.
    We made it out of the neighborhood and i got the small bottle out again.
    "How does it work?"She asked staring at the bottle curiously.
    "You wanna see it first?"She nodded a grin creeping to her face,I handed her the bottle and she looked over the details of it.It was a clear bottle,but covered in designs.It was a sight to see,but she seemed mystified by it."You just pour it out and say where you wanna go."
    "Really?"She asked still dazzled"That seems to simple"
    "As oppsoed to snapping your fingers for certain death and or alot pain?"
    "Is this like crystal?It's so,i don't know,would I sound crazy if i said inviting?"She said completly ignoring my statement,I didn't take it to personally though.
    "It might be crystal,and no.I don't think it makes you sound crazy.Can you let me see it?"When she did I took the cap off and held out a hand.Her fingers laced in between mine,I noticed how cold her hands were and that her nails were painted the same color as her shirt.I tilted the bottle,until the sparkly grains spilled from it."Lord Marshall's Academy,New York"
    A bright flash,and we were there,right on the front steps.In the sames instant,her hand still in mine began to sweat and I could hear her heart beat faster and her breathing get heavier.She was nervous.
    "It's gonna be alright."I said,but it had no effect,it's been completly confirmed that infact she was not following a drunken loser around,and that this is the real deal.Though,it looks like the drunken loser sketch could have been more endurable.I decided to change tactics."You can't be nervous.You're walking in with me,you'll already have respect issues with them,so nervousness will make it even worse.Besides they're just some really really old people.You'll do just fine"
    She took a deep breath and closed her eyes when they opened again she looked at me for dirrection.I started walking,she followed,her hand still in mine.The halls were empty,it was about three or four in the morning so everyone should be asleep ...which gives me the pleasure of waking up the team...but I have to check the meeting room first,it was almost a sure thing they were sleeping though.
    "Stay right here for a second"I said stopping at the door to their board room."Okay?"
    "Okay"She said having a hard time keeping calm.
    "Don't worry"I smiled"Old people remember that"She smiled back and I hoped mellowed out a little.
    I walked into the room,letting her hand slip from mine.I looked up at the table that's like twenty feet from the door.To my utter dissapointment,all of them were there.No waking anybody up I guess.
    "Ah.Mr.Cade why I thought you'd be on patrol"Odis,the one in the middle said"Did something happen?"
    "Yes"I said which must of suprised him because his eyebrows rose"Have you ever heard of someone of our kind,being born to parents who weren't?"
    "No.That's impossible"He said sternly"What does this have to do with you violating you're duties?"
    "Sir...sirs' I was on patrol and I came across a girl who has our abilites,abilies like ours I mean.She has power I don't that no student here has,it's unique."I paused"She was born to people who do not posess power of any kind"
    "Where does she live?"Odis asked"We will send someone to research this"
    "Well"I sighed heavily"I took more dirrect approach"
    "Mr.Cade?"Lenny,the one on the end asked both angry and nervously.
    "One moment please"I walked out the door and Ava was surrounded.Surrounded by Ben,Derek,Mark and Ren.She didn't look nervous,but no way she was being nice,you could tell by the wily look in her eyes.I asked amused,from the huge grin on Ren's face,Ava was winning this too"What's going on here?"
    "What did they say?"Ava asked ignoring the other four now,and curious as ever
    "Nothing yet.Come on let's go talk to them"I walked in the room and she followed,quietly.I wish I saw their faces,stunned or confused even mad it would of been funny.The team gave a look of shock,seriously,I think I even saw Odis's mouth hang open."If it's not possible then why does she have power?"
    "Well first off who is this Mr.Cade?And why is she at the school?"Asked Timothy-I call him timmy-,probably the oldest dude on the team.
    "Ava O'Hara"She greeted and gave a weak smile before I could introduce her"I needed answers,I was told this is where I go to get them"
    "Is that so Ms.O'Hara?"Old Timmy asked then looked at me"What is this about?"
    "Are you deaf!"I half laughed half yelled"She wasn't born to a family with magic through them,they think she's crazy.There
    is obviously something wrong there!Do you not seriously see that?"
    "How do you know that?She told you?Do you have proof?"Odis asked countering my outburst with a harsh voice
    "Go ahead"I turned to Ava,she nodded and faced the team calmly she seemed to be considering the possiblities.She should break the table.She should so break the table.
    "I'm not breaking the table Rick"she whispered then raised her pointing finger and the table lifted,she twirled it and dropped it a few times,to catch it with her other hand."Anything else?"She asked calm.
    "Could you put the table back on the on the floor?"Edgar asked plainly,with a slight smile on his face.Eddie is the best one tonight.She obeyed quietly"That's a difficult task,to lift something so heavy let alone have an air show with it.I have only learned to do so in graduate classes"
    "Thank you sir"She smiled
    "You my dear can call me Edgar"He smiled politly"And if you don't mind would you demonstrate how you could break the table?"She gave me a look for less then a second.After she turned to the table and snapped,it fell to pieces just as the swingset had.Their expressions varried from Edgar's proud face,to Timmy's shocked face."That's a true talent you have Ms.O'Hara.Can you put it back together?"
    "Absolutly"She snapped her fingers again and it went back to normal"Thank you but if you would please tell me,why wasn't I born into magic,why do I have it and my parents don't?"
    "Well I'm not sure Ms.O'Hara,I can safely say I haven't come across this before,but it will be looked into.However I would like to extend forth an inventation for you,to attend our school, to further your education in this area.Does that sound sufficant?"Eddie is so my favorite person right now.
    "I would love to"She practiclly glowed in agrrement but as soon as it came,it left"But my parents"
    "We will take care of that"He assured"Until then,I think it's best for you to return home"
    The look on her face,was sad.She didn't want to go back.She was ready to leave."Of course Edgar"She put a stunning smile on but her eyes were still sad"Thank you so much.Good night"
    "We will make contact tomarrow Ms.O'Hara,and Rick will still be in Arizona,I'm sure he will visit you on his breaks"Edgar smiled"Good night Ms.O'Hara"She smiled her eyes not as sad,but still there.We turned to walk away,but guess who got stuck with them."Mr.Cade will you stay for a moment?"
    "I'll be right out Ava"She nodded and started to walk outside,but when the door opened,Ben almost fell on her,she stopped him midair,with her magic.
    "Mr.Vickers!"Lenny yelled
    "Nice block Ava"I grinned"You know Ben there's a saying,I think it goes,eaves droppers never prosper"
    "Maybe that's why I have bad grades"He said"Put me down please" she took a step to the side and put her hand down.He fell to the floor Ren who was behind him started laughing hystericlly,Derek shook his head at Ben,dissaprovingly for getting caught then falling on his face and Mark's expression was similar.
    "Mr.Vickers,Ms.Austin,Mr.Carson,and Mr.Levy?Now I suppose you four have valid reasons for wandering about after hours right?"
    "I don't"Ren-Ms.Austin-said"My sincerest apologizes council"Ren could be trouble,but she's honest and slick with her words.
    "I heard there was a new student,so I got these two to visit her.Met Ren on the way so we invited her"Derek-Mr.Carson-said keeping a straight face.He was slick too,normally,that wasn't his best work and it's hard to tell if the team was gonna accept it.
    "I appreciate your honesty Ms.Austin,go to your quarters and stay there until morning please"Edgar dirrected his attention toward the other three"Is that your aliby?I think it needs work,this time I will let you off the hook only because I'm in a good mood,you see we're going to have a new student attending Lord Marshall's academy soon,so if you go to your room now,there will be but a penalty"
    "Sweet!"They said in unison and ran out of sight.I still had a smile on my face when Ava stepped outside so I could have my lecture,chat or whatever with the supreme team.
    "That was a very reckless thing to do Mr.Cade"Edagr said"But it was a good decision.I can only imagine what she's been through.Saying so,I want to be positive that when she starts here,you will show her around and such.Besides,after break there won't be as much patrol a few weekend trips,but we can't distrupt the process of learning.If she would like she may go with you on those trips as well.Understood?"
    "Completly"I gave a sincere smile"You can count on me"I got a few looks from the team"You can"I assured"Good night I'm going to bring Ava home"
    "I'm holding you responsible for this,and i'm giving you my trust,don't abuse the privallige Mr.Cade.Sleep well"
    "Don't worry"I said and left the room.Again,Ava was surrounded.Same group,minus Ren."Now,is this really your room?"
    "Hello to you too"Derek scoffed pretending to be offended"I haven't seen you all winter break and this is the welcome i get?Now Rick,i'm upset"
    I gave him a look,a what are you on?kind of look.
    "Sor-ry"He said like an idiot.
    "Come on Ava"I said
    "Hey,aren't you gonna introduce your pretty new friend to us before you steal her away?"Derek asked
    "He better not"Ava said then started toward the way we came in.
    "Bye guys"I said then went to catch up with Ava"Don't like them?"
    "They helped me calm down"
    "Apparently,verbal abuse mellows me out"She paused"By the way,they're suck at that game"
    "They do"I agreed"What happened?"
    "The girl with really red hair was walking through the hall,she stopped and said'I don't think I've ever met you are you new?' then,right as she asked the three guys walked around the corner,the blonde one said 'Ren who's your friend?'She said 'I don't know I just met her' he said 'she's cute' and it kinda went down hill from there."
    "Yeah.Ren's probably the most normal of the group,though she's probably the wildest and most opinionated though.Derek is the blonde with brown eyes,Ben is the guy with black hair and green eyes,the one who fell into the room,and Mark has brown hair and brown eyes.Sorry if they gave you trouble"
    "No I got them pretty good"She said pausing for a second asked"Am I really gonna be able to go here?"
    "Yeah you excited?"
    "Very"She beamed studing every inch of the hall the smile vanished but she continued looking around"I wish I didn't have to go back there."
    "You just have to sleep there,they'll make contact tomarrow and I'll be off so I'll come over"
    "I haven't wanted to be there for a long time."Her voice sounded cold.She must of hated them.
    "It won't be long.Promise"A faint smile shined on her face,but other then that it remained sorrowful.
    We made it back to Arizona,then to her house.It was about four here.
    "Good night Ava,I'll you later today"
    "Thanks again"She gave me a hug that I did not expect"Sweet dreams Rick"She also gave me a smile when she pulled away,a smile that as weird as it sounds made my heart skip a beat.She giggled at my nervousness and walked to the back door.She snapped her fingers to reassemble the swingset oh her way in.
    I went to base after that,it was a big house,decorated like the school,which was old.Like a castle from the 1800's.I managed to dodge everyone from school,until I got to my room.
    "Rick!"An over anxious Emma screeched"You stayed out late"
    "I did didn't I?"I said trying to sneak into my room.No luck,she positioned herself right infront of the door
    "Why?Did you get a lead?"She gasped"That's it isn't it?!"
    "No.I'm tired.Can I please go to sleep?"She looked sadend but I was tired,and the sooner I get to sleep the sooner I can go over to Ava's.I had questions."I'll tell you later Emma.Okay?"
    "Okay!"She squeaked and her blue eyes lit up"Night Rick"She turned and began to skip through the crowds of people,her long blonde hair bounced wildly.
    Then,with no dely I went to my room then to sleep.

    I only slept about five hours.But I was awake,and wanted to go visit Ava.In a matter of minutes I was ready to go.Right when I left the room Emma,who was apparently waiting for me to wake up, sprang up.I'd like to point out she was up longer then me.
    "Finally!"She sighed"You're up!"
    "When do you sleep?"she was way to hyper,all the time.
    "What?"She giggled.Some answer"It's later,so are you gonna tell me?"
    "Not right now I have some where to go"I just said to much.This isn't gonna be good.
    "Where?It's about that lead isn't it!Oh can I go?"
    "There isn't a lead and I don't think that would be the best idea"I don't very much like her,and she gets pretty annoying,she couldn't stick up for herself in a match with Ava and I don't think i'd help.
    "Ple-a-s-e please please please!"
    "Emma I don't think you should"
    "Let me go!I want to and I'm helpful.I am going Eric Cade and I'm not letting you stop me"That was as bold as she's ever been.I cracked up,started laughing.
    "Eric!"She said in an annoyed voice when I kept laughing her voice got lower,concerned almost"Eric?"
    "No Emma I really don't think so"I said when I calmed down a little
    "I said I'm going,and I am"She was serious.
    "If you can catch up,you can come"I shrugged,finally thinking up an angle she couldn't counter
    "Okay"She said cheerfully.She had no chance,why was she so excited?I started running down the hallway,she didn't follow.I kept running, just incase this was a trick.
    Half way to Ava's house I started to walk,even if it was a trick,which I still don't know,there's no way she would of caught up with me,or even know where I was going.
    Finally,I got there,I decided to knock on the door instead of going to the backyard.