• "Mother? Where are you?"
    "Here sweety, shhh, it's alright," mum hushed me.
    I saw myself resting on her chest and I stared into the fountain nearby. It was a fire fountain, unlike any that I had seen before. The fire blazed, making the room more alive.
    "Cassy, listen to me, you are no longer safe in the slaves place, you must seek freedom past the wall, you will meet a stranger there, he is an ally. You'll awaken soon, go!"

    Cassy awakened to the sight of several men dressed in black shirts, black jackets and black shorts. There was nothing not black about them, they even looked sinister despite their smiles. Cassy knew that the dream was real so she half ran, half scrambled off the bed and took off towards the wall. The boundry between slavery and freedom. Cassy was surrounded by fear but also hope, it would be her first attempt to flee Rifloz area. She climbed the wall carefully making sure she couldn't slip. The wall was slippery due to the recent rain a few hours ago and the sky looked like it could cry for longer. It would work to her advantage for no one left the are during rain, it was stupid. Cassy fell down to the other side causing her head to bleed on the side. She climbed up and ran forwards. Anywhere was good, anywhere BUT Rifloz area. The forest seemed like a great place to hide so there she ran. The rain poured heavily and the trees hardly covered Cassy. She wrapped a cloak around her weak body and leaned agaisnt a tree. She suddenly heard three wailing sounds that must have come from the bells at Rifloz area. It was the signal for escape, they must have noticed her very quikly. She ran further into the forest hoping that they would give up by now. After a while of running, Cassy lost her breath and she slumped against a large tree. She began observing her surroundings. A few meters away was a clearing, a waterfall and surrounding rocks. Cassy draged herself towards it and cleansed her face and drank some water. Once satisfied she cheked to see what items she had. She possesed the piccolo, a few slices of stale bread, a bottle of milk, and a little bit of cheese. She munched on a slice of stale bread but to her it was heaven for this was much more than her normal food. Once satisfied she lay down on the floor to notice that the shadows of one of the trees was larger and in a different shape to the others. She slowly clambered up and towards the tree.
    "Who are you?" Cassy asked.
    When there was no reply her hand reached out to grab the shirt of the stranger.
    "Who are you?" Cassy repeated more angrily.
    "They call me Aron, and you?" the stranger asked.
    "Cassy, but what's it to you?" Cassy retorted.
    Aron laughed and asked her "What are you doing around here, lurking in the forest?"
    Cassy shrugged and looked at him thinking what was he doing here?
    "I was sent by a dream, it told me someone of great importance would come here."
    "Heh, well you're looking at the wrong person cause i'm- well I was a slave but nothing more," Cassy replied thinking the he was snobbish and she left him.
    "Wait!" he called after her.
    Cassy looked up at him expectantly.
    "Who was your mother?"
    "Miria. Miria of Fire, past leader of Eliz. Wait, I didn't know that! She died when I was six!" Cassy pondered.
    "Miria? She was long gone! It is possible though..." Aron muttered to himself.
    "Tell you what, you come with me to Eliz and I'll help you," Aron suggested.
    "Um, alright, I suppose I don't have anywhere to go..." Cassy agreed.
    They spent their time walking through the forest and stopped when Cassy's foot began bleeding. But the bleeding wasn't from the ground, and it sure wasn't from a rock. It was scarred there on purpose.