• "But it’s addressed to some person named Emirii not me." I said to Anna.
    "Just do it Emily, he’s an old friend of mine." She said
    "Why? I mean I don’t even know who this person is or if he’s
    Some crazy guy who wants to kidnap me! So I see no reason why I should go meet him," I said
    "Please just go meet him I’d never tell you to do something that would harm you, you know that Emily…. you do know that…right?" Anna said
    "I know you wouldn’t but I’m just unsure ‘cause I don’t have any idea who this person is." I told her. "I’ll only go if you come with me"
    "I’m sorry but I was given directions not to go for reasons I’m not sure of," she replied, "but don’t worry I wont be far away and I’ll make sure nothing happens to you."
    "Alright. Fine I’ll do it just so you don’t get mad at me and start yelling or something and ‘cause you said you will be near by in case something happened and last but not least ‘cuz my best friend asked me to."
    Later that night I was pacing across my room thinking that I was such an idiot because I was going to leave the house at eleven-o-clock in the middle of the night to meet some person who might as well be a murderer for all I know and not even tell my mom that I was leaving and my curfew had long since past. I was also thinking about what kind of punishment I was going to have to face against when I got back home and my mom finds out that I left the house. Oh man was I going to get in trouble! A few minutes later I found myself crawling out my window (good thing my house is only a single story house!) I did have my doubts but so did every other girl that left their house in the middle of the night to meet some guy they don’t know without telling her parents about leaving, but my mind was made up. I told Anna I would, so I went ahead and climbed out of my window and started heading down to were I was supposed to meet this "friend" of mine.
    To get there I had to go through a little forest sort of so a policeman or anyone else didn’t catch me. If you ask me the walk through the forest seemed more peaceful than usual it seemed like it was being protected or something. It was a full moon and it was a beautiful silver color bathing the ground with moon light…it was really peaceful until I heard some thing behind me….