• Preface…

    It was the first day of school that always happened to be the worst day of my life. But I would never have pictured it to be as worse as this. I also would have never suspected that my best friend since 3rd grade would end up being my enemy and my enemy my boyfriend? I never even would have guessed. I didn’t really think about being half dog either but it was worth it…I guess.

    Chapter One…

    It was the first day of 12th grade when all of the sudden I realized I didn’t put on mascara but managed to out everything else on right. Great… I though light brown eyelashes with purple eye shadow and my new navy blue eye liner! What a great mix. My jeans were a little loose on my thighs because of my gymnastics training during the summer and my shirt had something spilled on it… wonderful! But at least I had my new Roxy sweatshirt to cover up the mess. My shoes were dirty from the running I did over the summer to help my leg muscles for my competitive gymnastics trials. I never got new one this year because my feet stopped growing and my mom refused to buy me new ones.

    My best friend Cassie decided I was now a ‘nerd’ and abandoned me for her new ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ friends who would point and gossip about me. But oh well I still had Georgia, Alison, Meagan, Tara, Bethany, Claire, Reilly, and Gloria who were all part of the Clearwater Gymnastics team. They were all my good friends and awesome gymnasts. We had sleepovers all together and shared our secrets together. The best thing about that is that when we told a secret we all pretty much forgot the next day.

    We had are enemies though like Jade the gymnast who quit because we were too ‘boring’ and most annoying but the hottest guy gymnast DANIEL. You could tell he really liked me but he had the funniest way of showing it he would pick on me but often flirt with me when his friends weren’t around but I was always intrigued in his conversations. He always showed me tips when I was doing my routines and loved to watch me do floor because he loved watching me do cartwheels all over the place I guess. But no matter how much he acted like he hated me the more I like him and the more I acted like I hated him he would love me.
    I was having the worst morning until Gloria let me borrow her mascara! I was glad about that and when I found out that Daniel was in ALL my classes I was overjoyed! I couldn’t have had so much fun that day. He sat next to me I guess he made up ‘because I don’t know anybody’ but that wasn’t true he knew Jon, Jake, Dillon, Al, and Frank but did he sit by them no! I knew he just wanted to talk to me and show his friends that he can talk to girls. Even if he was mean to me at sometimes it just made him the most attractive guy at school.

    After school I had a 2 hour long gymnastics training so I had to walk to the gym but after all it was only 5 blocks away. My friends wanted to walk with me but I got stopped by Daniel, it turns out he wanted to chat with me. We talked the whole way there but then confessed he had come to watch me not to have practice. He waited for me for two whole hours and walked 6 blocks with me home. When we got to my porch he told me he had something to tell me so I listened intently. He told me his real feelings and his last words “Kaia, will you go out with me?” surprised me I was not sure how to feel about it I was literally in shock. I said I would think about it over the night and tell him tomorrow. He was ecstatic I think that I was thinking about it at least better than saying no.

    Chapter 2

    The next day he passed me a note in class it said is your answer yes or no? I circled yes and right when Mr. Louis our first period English teacher passed by he said “Daniel hand me it” and Daniel gave him the crumpled piece of paper and Mr. Louis went up to his podium and read it to the class “To: Kaia what is your answer yes or no?” he paused and read the rest “yes” the whole class knew now so I guess we don’t need to tell anybody anymore. The whole class was chuckling and staring at us, our faces bright red with total embarrassment. We sat next to each other at lunch my friends on one side and his on the other. We shared some of the food and didn’t care if our friends thought it was gross. I knew our relationship would last for a while because we shared the same interest which made it easier to talk to him.

    I had training again and it was the same as the previous day but we walked with my friends. After instead of giving me that lets go out speech I hugged him it felt good. He was warm and I was cold in my little red leotard and sweatpants. I walked inside to my mom who was single and refused to date due to when my dad lived with us he would beat her so they got divorced and he is in jail and she lives in fear of men around my dad’s age. Hopefully she would let me have a boyfriend I would die if she didn’t let me be with Daniel. I told her who he was and the next day he would come for dinner. She felt better now she got to meet him, Even though she would see him around the gym occasionally.

    We had dinner the next night and I could tell he was nervous but I reassured him and told him not to worry. We had my mom’s homemade macaroni and spinach balls which I guess were edible but mostly questionable. My mom seemed to like him a lot which made me less stressed and hopefully him less stressed. We after that took a walk to the park and sat on the edge of the play set. We got into a game of what he called ‘peck’ so he pecked me on the hand then I pecked him on the neck then he pecked me on the check and I pecked him on the forehead. And finally he pecked me on the lips and it turned into more then just pecking. He kissed me tenderly and thank goodness his lips were warm. Then he stared at me and kissed me one last time the most romantic I’ve ever felt before and we stood up. And move to the bench, I was cold so he lent me his sweatshirt and I was on his lap and we then decided to leave.

    He hugged me goodbye and he left down the street. I was sad but not too sad but decided maybe we could go watch a movie or something tomorrow. I slept well and returned to school happily I walked up to Daniel and he wasn’t in a very good mood today so I decided we could go to dinner instead because he was in a bad mood and dinner was more low key. He picked me up in his blue hybrid and drove me to the little restaurant called ‘bluebird pancake house’ it was good I had noodles and butter and he had steak. We paid the bill and got in the car. He was still in a bad mood and I wanted to know why so I asked him. He asked if I could keep a secret and I said I would forget.

    “I don’t think this will be hard to forget.” he replied timidly.

    “Its okay, I’m your girlfriend you need to tell me what’s going on.” I waited for an answer he finally replied

    “if I told you I’m not a human will you believe me and still love me?”
    “What are you saying?” I replied sadly.

    “I’m saying that I am not only human but I’m also a…” he couldn’t finish his sentence. “I’m a werewolf.” He cut off and waited for a reply. It felt rude to stare so I leaned forward and kissed him and told him I didn’t care what he was I love him as much as I loved being alive. That sort of explained why we ate so early and why his arms were so strong and his hair so thick but it didn’t matter to me.

    Chapter 3…

    My mom went to drop me off at the gymnastics trials for my level. I was competing in floor because that was my strongest event. I was much stressed this was the Olympic qualifying meet. Daniel was competing in the men’s high bar competition and also was in the Olympic qualifying round. My cousin Madeline was in the stands with my aunt Hannah and the 3 year old twin boys Lukas and Trace. While Daniels mom and older brother Trent was in the sidelines.

    I began my routine with a running round off and into the splits and a backbend into a back flip and running into a twist aerial. And it ended in a running round off aerial twist. I ended up getting 2nd and qualifying to the 2012 Olympics. I was thrilled and Daniel came to congratulate me with a bouquet of my favorite color, purple roses and gave me a kiss. Daniel ended with a 1st place and qualifying to the 2012 Olympics as well. I congratulated him with a card that said ‘keep on going gymnastics boy’ my team had made for him. As for all my loyal friends two of them accompanied me on team U.S.A In the Olympics, Gloria and Bethany. We had a party at Meagan’s house, her parents had room for parties so we used there downstairs and their swimming pool. They would check on us every 30 minuets to make sure EVERYTHING was in order which made me fell more secure. We had a blast playing the Wii, drinking soda, eating pizza and having cake. It was the best party any future Olympian could ask for.

    School was back on in January and every day was a new adventure me and my friend Gloria went on double dates but hers was always a blind date because she never had a boyfriend and it was our quest to find her one but mostly Daniels. He would always bring a new friend every double date and see how it went and this time we were defiantly hopeful on this one. His name was Jordan and a very athletic guy in fact maybe the most athletic guy in Clearwater High School. He wasn’t that hot but a nice guy. Just like Gloria, but she is less athletic and much nicer than him. We ended up going to the movie Twilight and Gloria was wrapped in Jordan’s arms scared to death in the ending but they seemed to enjoy there selves he would put his arm around her on occasion but I could tell they were getting along good. After Twilight we went to the Chinese restaurant in town called Cascade Garden and had noodles, rice, and won ton soup.

    We all went home in the same vehicle and when I got into my bedroom I got a text from Gloria it read ‘omg guess wut!!! I’m going out with Jordan!!!’ I replied in a flash ‘no way! I can’t believe it!!!’ she said he asked for her number in the car and then called her later to see if she would go out with him. It was lucky for Gloria she had a boyfriend but me and Daniel were more than just two people dating, we were truly in love.

    Nothing could change how we felt for each other, accept for the fact we were approaching our end of high school. And I knew that we would have to part to different colleges. But who knows if werewolves went to college anyways. I knew I didn’t want to leave him alone and for sure knew he would never leave me. We wanted to be a part of each others lives and it was obvious we love being together.

    Chapter 4…

    There was a mysterious breakout of ‘dog’ attacks in our area but nobody knew if they were actually dogs or wolves. They were described as human-like but none sounded like Daniel. I knew it would never be him he only ate steak he never hunted unless he had to. They began to get more suspicious of Daniels family and would question them as suspects.

    It was graduation day and I was in my robe ready to walk out on the stage. I was very sad and stressed because my aunt Lucy and Maddie couldn’t make it. But worst of all there was no sign of Daniel anywhere! I wasn’t sure where he had gone and didn’t want him not to graduate. I received a text from Daniel that said to go to the window by the bathroom and so I did and he was there.

    “Kaia we have to get out of here!” he whispered.

    “WHY! Today is graduation day!” I said nervously.

    “The police are looking for both of us!” he was shaking and I could tell this wasn’t the time to fool around.

    “Why do they need both of us?” I exclaimed.

    “No time to explain we need to go!” he explained.

    “Okay I’m coming, but why are they looking for both of us?” I tried to keep calm but I couldn’t understand why they were looking for me. I climbed out of the window and we ran into the forest. Sirens bustled about the city and helicopters carried big strobe lights. We ran through the thick dark bushes and crisp pre-summer air and the pitch black darkness of the night. We paused to catch our breath for a few seconds because I can’t run forever.

    “Come on Kaia I can’t afford this!”

    “What am I supposed to do about it?” I was really annoyed with my boyfriend right now but I didn’t want to make him more stressed.

    “Turn around…” he said. So I did and turned back and there he was in wolf form. He was therefore the biggest wolf I had ever seen. I hopped on his back and he began to run. I had the sudden urge someone was following us. So I turned around and sure enough there was a giant wolf with bright red eyes he got closer and closer and then clunk! I fell off and landed in the puddle of mud. That wolf stopped and bit me right in the shoulder. I was unconscious for a few hours that day but nobody but Daniel knew. Daniel was too busy fighting off the wolf that almost ate me and did not realize how I was reacting to the bite. I came up and bit the rival wolf in the ear and he ran off. Daniel turned around and looked at me. He was staring at the blood trickling down my graduation robe and the fierce fangs and sapphire blue eyes. He reached over and touched me face as if to say ‘you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’ We still ran off to their secret house among the trees. I didn’t think it would have been as calm and peaceful as it was, it was a gorgeous setting.

    “Hello I’m Ron and this is Lora and that’s Jeremiah.”

    “Lora is a doctor that travels to homes and gives checkups and ECT.” He made note of “And I stay at home to make sure nobody finds this place.”

    They seemed nice, they were not aware of me becoming a werewolf but I had a feeling they would find out soon enough. His older brother was falling for me but he knew I would never ever betray Daniel for him. They let us have the upstairs room and told me they would call my mom and tell her not to worry I was with a doctor after suffering from a ‘panic attack’ I thought that was creative so I went along with it. It turns out they were glad I was here because they loved company especially of there own kind. They made a wonderful steak dinner for us and explained why we had to run from the police.

    “It’s a matter of us being put in jail because of our cousins” Ron explained. “One of our cousins is Malique the fine red eyed fellow that attacked you; he and a few others have caused the attacks over the past few weeks.”

    “Oh! I almost forgot!” Lora said excitedly. “Have you noticed our eyes…” she paused. “?You see how ours are light green or aqua and yours are dark blue? Well and the wolf that bit you had red?”

    “Yes” I replied timidly.

    “Well that’s means you are a gold werewolf and he is a bad werewolf.”

    “Oh, I see.” It was fascinating to see how the color of eyes affected our badness and goodness levels.

    “Well I’m glad you noticed.” “You can go off to sleep now.”