• A Band With A Destiny Part 1
    Here is a story about a band that saved the world.A band named Hometown Rock stars were jamming out at a concert like they do at all concerts just playing and having fun.The band members were Ben Wilson lead singer people called him rocker Ben.The guitarist was a girl named Sophie Kuhn they called her So K for short.The bassist name was Andrew Ty they called him At and T.Then there was the drummer skits no one knew his name and no one found out because his mom and dad died when he was 2 so he was an orphan.After the concert they went back stage and chilled with some fans.They were all talking.Ben said "so whats going to happen when we go to Tokyo,Japan next week are you all excited.Sophie said "cant wait Tokyo is my home town.Andrew said " nervous i don't want to mess up".And skits as usual said nothing.They got to japan the next week they wanted too look around town and stuff see all of Tokyo.When they were walking they say a fortune teller Ben said " lets go in".the rest of the gang said "o k".they went inside and got there fortune told and the fortune teller told them that one day they would have great responsibility.No one knew what was meant by that so they got out and visited Sophie's family.They talked and had dinner.Sophie's family was so nice and they were quite funny.Tomorrow they were going to pray at the temple everyone went because they wanted to be nice.They prayed at the temple.Then a guy came in it was a monk.He said that we would be in grave danger if we didn't leave japan.No one listen except for Ben the fortune teller now a monk he was believing that something might happen soon.The words were stuck in his head.They play there concert Ben still worried.after the concert they signed autographs and things like that.Then they heard a smash and when they looked a building came crashing down.when they went to see what the problem was they saw a huge figure it was engulfed in flames and it had black flames too.It said that japan will be engulfed in flames like it was 1000 years ago and it vanished thin air.No one knew what it meant.Ben and the band were no worried.Out of no where everything stopped and the band came face to face with a stranger.he said that demon you saw was Rikoshu a dark fire demon engulfed in fire and cursed for what it had done a thousand years ago.He said the demon used to be a general for japan until he betrayed them and joined a strong army he knew would win and for betraying japan the gods cursed him and he would be trapped for 1000 years.so now he is back and we must stop him.The man gave the band weapons.Ben a Sword that was so cold if even if one hair touched it you would be turned to ice.Sophie got the sharpest arrows so sharp they could go through cement like nothing.Andrew got the power to summon creatures from unknown worlds to help him but he was to be careful how he used it.Then there was skits who got a tiger and a katana.the tiger had rare armor that could never be broken and the katana changed into any form you wanted it.The man never said his name.He said he would send a great warrior to train the band they had 1 month before Rikoshu came up to destroy japan.When Rikoshu comes up they will have great responsibility. End of part !

    This is the end of part 1.after you read this comment what you think add me i'm Rockerben360.I will make part 2 soon.

    By:Benjamin Wilson