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my life is totally wack
Dark Lin Plot (somewhat a plot)
...wow ok, Dark Lin is officially a story now! I don't have much of a plot set out yet. But here's the idea, Lin's target is to get information from Yin's little demon..not really little. So to be able to do that she becomes dark to have everyone hate her, to see her as the criminal. The only person that will help her is Shadow. She needs him to tell her about everyone's feelings. 

Lin: I have no intentions on killing anyone, I will not kill anyone. My mission is to learn about a demon that has a strength of like...well I just know stronger than anyone literally...Does it have a weakness? I don't know, but everything has a weakness! And I'm spoiled so some of these dark feelings may be an actual dark feeling from me...

The Story 

First: Lin leaves the castle, stays in a hidden place in Lake Hylia for a few days. Then sets out to do things. A week later, news went out saying a mysterious blonde girl destroyed a village near Ordon. 

Next, Lin is spotted by Yin. Istantly figures out that Lin had destroyed the village due to her scratches, sword tooken out, and tired body. Lin talks to Yin, which enrages him and he attacks. At the end nether side won. Lin disappears again. 

Yin tells the castle. Not believed at first but then believed because of Wish, another princess that uses magic to show images of the past and future. It requires a lot of energy however. 

Three days later, Lin was reported for bombing a goron village. Everyone is still suspicious. The family are wondering why such a heroic girl goes evil all of a sudden? 

Lin destroys yet another village and link meets her there. She disappears and hides in a tree. Starts regreting what she does and says sorry and continues her mission. 

She transforms into a completely different person. Pink hair, brown eyes, and is only good at archery. It's yet another way to meet Yin and talk. Unfortunately that fails. That sense of his is able to tell right away that it's Lin, even though her appearance changed dramaticlly. 

He has to attack again. Is determined to stop evil. Lin doesn't stay long and retreats. 

Castle talk. Queen Zelda, lins mom, calls a meeting for all of Lin's close friends and family. They discuss her recent activity. Lin is then placed on the top of the wanted list. Reward: 200k worth of rupees. People set out to go look for Lin. 

Yin's part here is to either look as well or have his own separate plan. 

Either way he must find Lin somehow. And when he does, thats where a final battle starts. Yin has to be already enraged before seeing her, hating her to the max. She insults him once again and taunts him. Yin will attack first and at the end he wins. Lin is all bloody (omg O.o). She will die but she cancels all attacks using a force field. She finally tells yin why she did all of those bad things. Hopefully that calms him down a bit but why not yell at her. She dies right there, the force field goes away..the rest will be made up. A long with the fillers. 

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