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my life is totally wack
LoZ: Dark Lin Ch 1
(Lin pov)
I am Lin Hyrulia, princess of Hyrule. After the next couple of weeks I'm sure I will not be all great and wonderful. My cousin Yin has a demon with him that can't be controlled. That is very dangerous and since it makes him do things he doesn't want to, I'm going to do a study on it,

"Lin, I have all of your stuff right in this bag," Shadow said handing me my bag,

"Thanks," I took the bag and hugged him,"Thanks for helping me, now just do what the plan is and everything will be fine,"

He nodded. I jumped out of my window and flew out of there using Din's Wand. I hope my plan goes the way I want to. By the end of the month I should be known as a dangerous person to everyone,

"Good bye Hyrule Castle,"

I flew off unspotted and headed towards Lake Hylia.

(Yin pov)
Being home isn't the greatest thing in the world.Having It watch my every move...He bugs me everytime I do something interesting...

"Hey Yin,want to destroy a town?"

"No..And YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!!!"He shut his mouth up as I continued to wash Light's body..While doing this,I thought what Lin and the others are doing..

(Lin pov)
"Wow, Lake Hylia is pretty," I looked at my reflection in the sparkling water,"I don't look like myself,"

I have mainly black on. Oh no I look like an emo! At least my hair was the same, long like normal. I looked in my bag. Something felt like it was missing but what? Then I realized it, the one thing I'm good at,

"I FORGOT MY SWORD?!" What kind of knight forgets to bring one of their most important weapon. the sword. Well, now I need to spend a few days here making a sword, I'm such a fool.

(Yin pov)
"Well Light,what do you think of the afternoon sunlight?"

"It's beautiful Yin,just like the color of my skin,yellow.."We were in the farm,just lieing down in the grass,and It still being a moron..I had my sword in the ground,and a bag full of food and drinks..

"What do you say to going to our hideout and having a party?"

"No thanks..Too many parties.."

"Darn...Well,Im pretty smelly..Im gonna go to the pond.."

"Remember,Dad wants to see you in bed by 10.."

"I KNOW! Gosh.."

"Well,Im the only girl in the family,so I have to be a mom.."

"Wait a minute..I thought you were a boy!"

(Lin pov)
I looked out at the sun. Hmm, maybe I can do something tonight. I still have bombs and arrows.

"Yes that's exactly what I'm going to do!"

"Why are you talking to yourself?" The man dressed like a clown said,

"Oh, heh sorry,"

"I was over there," he points to that floating building on the water,"And i heard you scream,"

"Yeah, okay bye," I grabbed my bag and headed towards any village near Ordon. I need possibly Yin's attention first.

((X3 this story has two authors by the way. That should explain why there's a yin pov cuz yin isnt mine!!!! Me (Lin) and Balticcountry (Yin) XD))

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