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my life is totally wack
Question:Competitive Lately?

Gaia is my only place where i can feel better. Now its not, my favorite has turned into the worst. I dont like people being stronger than me, but dont be angry at me. But i truely hate it, you can feel bad for me..but that means you're doing that for no reason because im a spoiled child. I can't help but to be spoiled...So im letting my feelings go through my avi on Lin. So yeah, lin is now dark...Evil wicked lin, during this type of time i can get pretty angry, competitive, sad easilly. Watch what you do, watch what you say...and especially watch what i say.

I might hack someones account just to be better, thats how despirate i am. But im trying to hold back that feeling. I real life I'm always lonely, and same with gaia. I liked the old days better here on gaia, even without my friends now. It was so much better im sorry but it was. I missed everything from back then when I first met marie. I miss all of my friends i used to talk to a lot, now i dont talk to them often...I think theres a huge hole in my heart in need for something. Something warm, loving, caring...I am far from that but I hope i find it. I dont want to go in my life alone.

*sighs* I want to be reborn as a new person, i want to take back everything i've done. I want to leave and be on my own, no one here talking to me but a friend. That's what i need, a friend that wont get upset with me because i talk to them too much, somethere that will listen, cares, and is always there for me....I want that more than a million dollars.

Well thats all, i have some dark lin pictures to draw =.=

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