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my life is totally wack
Dark Lin (preview)
How does someone like that turn dark? And out of all of those people, Lin...

Rumor went around saying that Lin has turn dark, that was true. Another was saying that she killed her family, that isn't true. But I even though that isn't true I have a feeling that the princess is targeting one relative of hers.

I am Wish Natsumi, lead of the Koro Sami. I am from the forgotten group, similar to yin yang. My twin is Hikaru, the side of light. Princess Lin is my friend, and she is our hero as well. She took us in but that was the from the good of her heart. Now that pure heart is shrouded in a dark storm. It's made her done terrible things now.

She left the castle a while ago and has been reported of doing many things over hyrule. What is she planning to do? That kind and yet harsh on her friends princess is now on Hyrule's wanted list.

Sometime in the future (not long after Lin left)
(Lin's point of view)
"I'm sick and tired of you not listening!" I screamed.

I stared at him. He looked pretty stunned but I know that he is thinking a way to stop me. Evil is not me but that's how I am acting right now. Of course he might lose his control too. That's exactly what I want.

I laughed and then it made him hold his sword tighter. That arm was shaking a little. Then I decided to walk up to him, as I did that I dropped my sword. Then placed that hand on his shoulder. It was bleeding because I had cut my cousin there.

"You know, there's an important item I want from you..." His eyes moved, I could tell he was going to attack any second,"I'm going to take it from you one day, but bring that demon active with you..okay, Yin?"

With a fierce face he instantly started to attack. It was really funny, I wonder what might happen if he actually came with that demon? I might be dead...

Hmmm, interesting story, right? I got the idea from watching naruto XD And my dark lin avi on my DarkSakuraFlower profile. This story might be just a bit more interesting than my other ones. ^^ oh I wonder what I should do with it, Lin being dark..like seriously who would ever think that?
*brother raises hand*
=.= put that hand down or ill chop it off!

Anyway the hurricane that was going through all of conneticut had cut off a lot of power for people. My town is the lucky ones with power still. My brother is playing brawl (like always) I am drawing and coming up with story ideas. While listening to vocaloids...yeah, i am alway listening to them XD Okay this is how I put up the story...

Last night when I was watching Naruto after I finished reading my sailormoon manga I thought about how I could get two items for my avi..."I wish I can finsh one, just one" i told my friend. She has two of them, and I want them so badly but when someone says they'll help me...it makes me feel like a spoiled brat and then I go crazy. I dont want help DX I want to do something on my own, but when i do that..it takes forever. I cant help but to cry or get angry. So that's the part where dark lin tells yin he has important things she needs.

Next is character comparison. Yin is like naruto number 2. I didnt make up Yin, again I didn't. He belongs to my friend which the avi looks like yin. Same start but a bit different future. I dont want to write anymore now =.=' haha, Lin is like Sakura =3= yeah! I didn't intend on making Lin like sakura XP but it ended up that way.

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Community Member

Sun Aug 28, 2011 @ 05:39pm

Yin:Y woud i give it to u?He's dangerous...

Prince Shadow Link
Community Member

Sun Aug 28, 2011 @ 05:46pm

Dark Lin: That's not what I want idiot! I dont want to take it, i just like that power

User Comments: [2]
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