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my life is totally wack
LoZ: Dark Lin Ch 3
(Lin pov)
"Huh?" I turned around, I heard Yin, but I didnt see Yin. I dug a hole on the spot I was standing on,

"This is a nice spot for one of those seeds," I put a seed in and used magic to fasten the growth. It was a corn crop. I'll leave that there,

"Now, I know he's here..Just where? Those flames are huge," I walked in circles, waiting.

(Yin pov)
I dropped the ash,then I smelled something good..

"CORN!!!!!"I turned into a half werewolf,and started running in circles.The townspeople were staring at me..

"What? Im hungry.. Im hungry 24/7..."

"Where do you smell the corn mister?"asked a small kid with flaming red hair..

"Over there,but it might be dangerous.."I pointed to the center of town."I'll go ahead.You guys start cleaning the ash.."I turned normal,and headed toward the scent of corn...

(Lin pov)
I sat down and layed against a rock. My mask was so itchy but I needed to keep it on.

"Jeez this thing is annoying!" Still in rage I threw a bomb by accident,"WHAT THE HECK?!" it slammed into a tree I didn't destroy and made a huge explosion. I stared at the tree,"Stupid mask!" I ripped it off and stomped on it. I looked like some tantrum girl.

"Well, this is starting to bore me," I started to walk away from the center and back to Lake Hylia, then made an epic fall over a rock thrown at my legs.

"Hey?! Who did that?!"

(Yin pov)
I ran toward the scent of corn..Of course I had to save it for the townspeople..

"Hey Mister,are you going to eat that good looking piece of corn?"A small boy with blue and black hair asked.

"No,you can have it... I'm gonna clean this place up in seconds.."I turned into a werewolf and ran all over the place.And I finished building the houses and cleaned the ash up.

"Oh thank you Yin Yaminora..Without you,we wouldn't have any place to live!"

"No problem..Now to follow the scent of Lin.."I gave the townspeople food that I didn't want,and ran towards the lake.

(Lin pov)
"Thank goodness," I watched Yin re-build that village from a high tree. I was going to come back to fix it, but he already did that.

"Don't forget your mask," someone said


A red fairy came down to me,"It's me Navi,"

"Whoa! When did you turn dark?"

"Same reason as you, just to help you," She flew around me, then I hid her

"You're going to attract attention,"

(Yin pov)
I started running toward the lake.I didn't want to stop..It felt nice..

"I know she's around here somewhere...Just where..And why is she doing this.."I didn't feel like going into the water for a swim,but I fear if I do,she'll come and freeze the water..Then I'll be stuck in the water temple forever!!!I went up to a house that belonged to a psycho doctor to ask him if he seen Lin..

"Hey,Git outta here!"

"No! I need to ask you if you seen her!"I showed the man the picture of Lin..

"Not so long ago..She went over to the town that got burned.."


"What do you mean,"Again?"

"I'll tell you later.."I ran out the door and starting jumping into the trees..

(Lin pov)

"Would you shut up!" I screamed," You don't want to get caught, right?!"

Navi flew out of my hand," Well you dont have to cover me up!"

"Get back here! Yin is gonna see me! Come on, lets go!" I headed back but then I saw Yin jumping trees,"Navi! Look, see! There's Yin and I don't have enough power to turn the wands into a sword again!"

"Well sorry,"

I went down onto the ground and started running the other direction, oh now I wish I still had a sword.

(Yin pov)
"Arg..."I stopped because my leg fell asleep.."WAKE UP LEG!"I was about to get my kunai and hurt my leg,but I didn't do it..I got back up and saw a flash of blonde hair from below me...Heh,idiotic move..I jumped down and ran faster than Lin..But I started walking again and tripped..

"Haha..I made you do it.."

"OH WOULD YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!!!???"I punched myself,and I felt like I was going to faint..

"Fall asleep Yin..I'll take care of Lin for you.."

"N-no.."I stood up,and ran again..

(Lin pov)
I looked behind me, I saw Yin. Then I stopped and glared at Navi,

"Oh look, I fell down to catch you, you stupid fairy!"

"Well how am I supposed to know he was coming?!"

"You have almost the same sense I do! How could you not tell I was hidding!" I had no more energy left to teleport. I could use dark power but I have to be cautious, that energy can make me lose my mind, as in I actually go evil.

"Well, what are you going to do? You have no energy left," Navi said

"I can use dark power,"

"But those dark hylians granted that power to you, do you think its safe?"

"Yes," I made a small purple fire wall and teleported out of there back to Lake Hylia, but I knocked out after.

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