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my life is totally wack
Let's write what goes on in my mind XD
I haven't done an entry like this in a long long long time..so I've finally decided to do one today. But I don't have much to write...since these days are so slow and that hurricane that went by wasn't as bad as expected. I might as well say it was pretty stupid to get worried. I am only saying that because where I live, we still have power and everything is still the same...I wish something happened. Nothing different happened outside. the leaves are all over the roads like in a thunderstorm here. It's just so boring not to see any rain or wind...I was starring outside for hours and nothing that exciting...Oh just one thing to say X3


Yeah! Even though we can get beat by those of light. It's their job so they have to defeat the evil. Dark people appear and create chaos. No one likes chaos, even the bad people..chaos for them is their workers, servants, and the allies being completely retarded and start fighting XD Then chaos must be gone so the light people show up to stop them and once again peace is restored and everyone is happy until another evil person shows up. And if we weren't defeated then chaos continues, people suffer, and we laugh at them cause it funny. Especially the chained up heroes that couldn't defeat us..or we kill them..but I love torture. So torture them we will!

Random Words and Stuff from characters and stories...

So I write Dark Lin (preview) I get about a billion ideas. So I'll put down a few...

ok, a bunch of Lin ideas...(all in her point of view)

(Scene: A destroyed Village, night time)

"Why'd I leave? Is that what you asked?" I stared at my brother,"You can't know, this is my buisness,"

"It makes no sense though, you've always fought for good and look what you did to that village...I don't know who you are anymore,"

"Of course not..I'll see you sometime," I dissapeared into the darkness and teleported to a tree and watched Link. Everyone was worried about me now. That's what I need.

///// TwT \

(Scene: Lake Hylia, Sunset, on a bridge)

I don't know much about that demon Yin has. My one and only reason to turn against everyone is to study about that thing. It is way stronger than anything I've ever battled. I stared out to the sunset by the bridge. It was so pretty. I looked at my hands. I've been such a criminal lately, but that was so everyone will hate me. Hyrule's number one princess, that would be hard.

"So you're hidding here?"

"Huh?!" I looked to the side, it was Shadow. The only person that knows about my plan,"Yeah, how's everyone?" He is my only contact to all of my family and friends. I need to know otherwise this plan of mines will fail.

"You got them pretty worried, none are angry though,"

I sighed,"That won't do anything, I need them to hate me,"

"Well this is still recent, it might take a while for them to take in,"


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