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my life is totally wack
LoZ: Dark Lin Ch 2

(Yin pov) 
I put covers on the doors to the pond,made sure there was steam,and got into the small waterfall to take a shower.. 

"OOHH YEAH! THIS IS SOOOO DANG GOOD!!" I yelled with joy..Finally,perfect water to bathe in..I got out minutes later,my hair still pointed. 

"Why is your hair still pointed?" 

"Because i have glue in my dang shampoo.. and SHUT UP!!!!!"Birds started flying away,and started heading toward my home,Castle Town.. 

"Heh..Yelled too hard.."I sighed,still wondering what Lin is doing.. 

(Lin pov) 
"Hmm, doesn't my wands turn into a sword when they combine?" 

I took the crystals of each wand to make the Triforce Wand. Then it turned into a sword. I smiled,"That was simple!" 

I looked ahead, that was a magic hylian village. I have no chance there, I am no better at magic than my brother. Who mastered some spells without any training. Imagine how angry mother will be if I didn't learn anything when I get older. 

I looked to the right. No magic village, just normal farmers. I sighed,"I'm going to regret this after, forgive me goddesses," That village far to the right. Which meant it was closer to Ordon. I didn't want to be that close, well lets go anyway. 

(Yin pov) 
I got out of the small waterfall,then got out of the pond.. 

"Man,i really need to pee Yin.." 


"Im sacred too you know.." 

"No your not.."I punched my gut to make him stop,but instead of hitting him,I hit myself.."OWW!" 


"Shut up already.. You caused alot of problems.."I took the covers off,and headed home..Of course I had more things to do before Dad got home! 

(Lin pov) 
"Okay there is that small village," I hid in a tree,"It actually looks bigger than Ordon somehow, when it isn't," 

I changed my voice into some innocent child voice,"RUN EVERYONE! THERES A HUGE FIRE!" I screamed from the tree, 

I wasn't believed. I took a breath,"Well you guys didn't listen, down with the village that used to be here," 

I made a huge fire ball and threw it at a few houses. They were really burning fast and so I made two more and hit two spots and the burnt areas formed a triangle. That's going to be the sign showing I was there. Then I put my mask on and tied my hair and went in town. 

(Yin pov) 
I left a note on the table when I got home. It said I went to go get food for us at the nearest town. They had lots of food and new crops. We needed that for Ordon,so after I left the note,I put on a empty bag,my sword,my shield,and a couple of important things. 

"Light! Im going to the nearest town to get new crops and stuff!" 

"Alright,just don't be late...Your dad is gonna be home soon.."She told me this so many times,but he never makes it on time..Yet,we still have fun when its burning hot outside.. 

"Yeah yeah..."I started to head out to the nearest town...

(Lin pov) 
I stared at the houses burn. Then a farmer came up and looked at me, 

"Scram, this is now my playground to destroy!" I yelled pointing the sword. He ran away as fast as possible. Then I saw a huge farm land, crops were all set to be harvested. I used magic to take as many seeds I can, and placed them in my bag. 

"Leave! What have you done?!" A kid said, 

"I'll give you a chance to leave first," and I turned to start slashing down plants. In a matter of seconds, half the village was burnt into ashes. At the center of town I stood, hold my sword tightly, breathing hard from smoke, and a little scratched up from burning wood, "Where are you to see this?"

(Yin pov) 
I started using the trees because it was much faster than walking..I mean,who walks!? I mean really..I started to see the town.But where are the crops and townspeoples homes? 

"AWHHH!! I wanted to destroy this town.." 

"You shut up!"I punched my gut,and this time I hit him..I jumped down from the tree,and I saw one towns person running in circles.. 

"Hey,excuse me,who did this?"He reconized who I was because I saved this village when I was younger. 

"I don't know who did this,but that person over there took all the crops and burned our houses down!" 

"Thanks..I'll help you rebuild the town as soon as the fire is gone."Then I saw a triangle on the ground..I took some of the ash of the triangle,sniffed it,and I knew who it was..I had to yell out the name,so everyone could hear.. 

"LIN HYRULIA!!!"My eyes turned red with anger.."Where is she?!" 

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