> Be the

> Enter name.
      Amy Dy

> Since it is only today that you have been named, you must be
      18 years old.

> Inquire as to what your race is.
      What, it wasn't obvious? You're a human!

> Log into Pesterchum.
      You type in your chumhandle, demonicUndertaker and log in. You type in a color known as #800000.

> Speak.
      You won't even dignify that command with a response.

> Captchalouge that Laptop!
      You don't see why you would want to, but okay. You captchalouge the Laptop to your sylladex.

> Okay, now retrieve that item.
      What? You just put it in! Oh well, at least your Fetch Modus is the NAME THAT ITEM.Where you just have to convinently name that item and it'll pop right into your hand. but sometimes it's not all that handy because you'll forget the name of the item you have stored inside of it!

      You quickly equip your Gun Blade, masterfully allocated to your strife specibus of Bladekind.

> ==>
      Oh, nevermind. False alarm!

> Look at reflection.
      You examine yourself in a mirror. (when did that get there?) You have neatly brushed black hair that stretches down to your lower back, and it's usually up in a pony tail. You tend to wear whatever COMFORTABLE and NATURAL to you. Today you're wearing jeans, a buttoned-up long sleeve white shirt that's open, and, a black shirt inside.

> Reflect upon your many interests.
      Your name is Amy, you have many interest but mostly focus on drawing, writing, and video gaming. You can't seem to live without music and you LOVE to Roleplay. You're quite the gamer girl, seeing as though you have a wide choice of games in your shelves. Most of them are imported from Japan though. You have a BIG weakness to cute and sexy BL, which is Boy Love or in other words Yaoi.

> You are the Demonic Angel and you reside in the Land of Blastia.
      You are not quite sure where this thought came from, so you ignore it.

> Peer at The Lost Elegy through the fourth wall.
      Oh, hell no. This is always a bad idea.