The Reaper's Game.

The goal of this game is to gain a second chance in life.

In other words, you're dead.

In order to play this game, one has to sacrifice something important to them.

Your memories, money, whatever it is, you name it. Even your friends

The rules are simple.

Finish a mission or face erasure.

But the game isn't that <i>simple</i>...

User Image

User Image<b>Day 1:</b> New Game

"Watch it!"

"Move! You're in my way!"

A strong, yet soft voice spoke through a crowd as she weaves through a sea of people. '<i>This place, where am I?!</i>' her hair ran with the wind as she looked back. '<i>it</i>'s still following her.

'<i>What the hell is that thing?!</i>' she asked herself in panic. Coming into the scramble crossroads of Shibuya, the female stood in the middle of the area and turned herself to the noises.

"<b>C'mon!</b>" she screamed out to them, ready to take them on without knowing how. An oddly colored frog came through the crowd. The size of a child, croaking as it stared at the female. She felt cold sweat drip down her face as she swallowed her saliva.

'<i> This is no time to get cold feet. I just need a weapon or something...</i>' she thought to herself as she dug into her pockets to see if there was anything she could use as self defense. Feeling around her pocket, she found something. Round and flat.

'<i> Is this of any use?!</i>' she asked herself as she took it out of her pocket and looked at it. A black pin with a white skull printed on it.

"<b> What the...?</b>" she said to herself as the frog leaped at her. Startled, she jumped back and turned right around, and dashed to Center Street Entrance.
Center Street Entrance, much roomier than Scramble Crossroad. But that usually leads to...

"<b>!!</b>" I came to a quick stop, using the heels of my shoes and ended up being surrounded by...monsters...

"<b> Someone! Help! Hey!</b>" Damn it, why isn't anyone paying attention? Secondly...why don't they notice the monsters? Before I could continue to think it out, the monsters jumped at me. I held my arms out, in a cross to protect myself from their attacks as I embraced myself for impact, but...nothing happened...? Opening my eyes...there stood two familiar figures...

What's...going on...?

"<b>Hey, are you alright?</b>" one of them, a female, asked as she turned around. Walking up to me she would bend down and take my hands, pulling me up. "<b>That was close.</b>"

As I stood, I took a good look at my saviors. One is an African American with black hair in a pony tail, and the other is a male with blonde hair and blue eyes. These two...reminds me of two certa--- "<b>By...any chance... Are you...Cliff and Jenny?</b>" The two paused and looked at each other.

"<b>Answer us now...are you a <i>Reaper</i>?</b>"

"<b>Reaper?</b>" I blinked to that word, wondering what she was talking about. The blonde approached us.

"<b>She's not. Look, she has a player pin in her hand.</b>" he said, pointing to the useless pin. "<b>It'll be safe to let her know.</b>" the other nodded.

"<b> I'm Jenny,</b>" she began and pointed to the blonde, "<b>And that's Cliff.</b>" My eyes widened from shock as I felt the beat of my heart begin to race a bit. I held back my urge to scream of excitement. "<b>What about you?</b>"

"<b>I'm Amy! Jenny, Cliff! This is...this is so epic!</b>" I smiled.

"<b>Huh?</b>" the two said in sync, just like in the chat room's we've spoken to each other in. I giggled at them. "<b>Amy...</b>" Cliff began, "<b>Do you mean...<i>THAT</i> Amy?</b>" I nodded. "<b>What are you doing here? Did you....?</b>"

"<b>C'mon Cliff, there's no way Amy could do that...</b>"

"<b>Suicide?</b>" The two quickly turned to me, looks like they finally did it... I sighed and looked down. "<b>No, I didn't.</b>"

"<b></b>" Jenny asked.

"<b>FIRST OF ALL, What's going on?</b>" I asked as Cliff would walk up to me.

"<b>This? We're in...the Reapers Game. Apparently we died, and now we're given a second chance.</b>"

"<b>'A second chance'?</b>" I blinked, where have I heard of this before...? I began to ponder, but the thought just slipped my mind as Jenny would break me out of my trance.

"<b>--Anyway,</b>" she began. "<b>We need to find you a partner or you won't stand a chance against these...things.</b>" I nodded in agreement. After all, they can't always protect me.

"<b>So...if you two commited suicide...why are you playing the game...?</b>" I would ask, as the two looked at each other and filled the moment with a long pause. I felt uncomfortable, "<b>Nevermind...</b>" I would give them a sigh. "<b>So, now what?</b>"

"<b>Now, we're going to finish our mission.</b>" she said, with an expressionless face as Cliff would look to her.

"<b>What about Amy?</b>"

"<b>She can protect herself. C'mon, we're wasting precious time.</b>" She said as she walked off. Cliff would looked to me.

"<b>Sorry, she...sacrificed her emotions. So sh--</b>" before he would finish, I interrupted.

"<b>It's fine. Go with your partner.</b>" I would wave my hands to him. "<b>Like she said, I can protect myself.</b>" Even though I'm saying this, my heart pulsed. In pain.

"<b>Are you sure?</b>"

'<i>God, just go already...</i>' I nodded to him with a false smile. "<b>M-hm. Jenny would need you more than me.</b>"

"<b>If you say so. I'll try to finish the mission quick so you would make it to the next day.</b>" I nodded.

"<b>Yeah, you do that. I'll just...hang around in the shops where it'll most likely be safe.</b>" '<i>I just hope they won't kick me out...</i>'

"<b>Right, well then, later!</b>" He ran off, to catch up with Jenny as I sighed and looked down walking to the nearest store.
That's just the beginning of my "The World Ends With You" story. I'll include some friends if they want to be a part of it. Just gimme a ring and I'll put down your name and you're in! Just let me know what you will sacrifice, why, and how you died.

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The World Ends With You (C) Square Enix

Amy (C) Me

Cliff (C) Lolcliff

Jenny (C) Magical Brie