Chapter 2 // Feudal Era
Reawakened Memories

Moist, damp, dark, and cold; it's been a while since I last came into this cave. Last time was 12 years ago, before the Great War. The Great War…even though I was just a spectator, it shook me. The sight of human's turning on Entelexia's, the death of Elucifer, disappearance of Elizabetta, and the day Duke's heart had grown cold as he began to hate the human race.

"It's good to see you again. "Duke spoke as I stood behind him. The breeze blew our hair to the side as I nodded to him.

"Like wise." Duke and I stood in a distance from one another, looking at the horizon where Aspio once resided. I continued, "I see you've been busy."


"Tell me, even though I had given you Dein Nomos and knowledge of which you wanted… How did you lose?"

"The humans had a stronger will, than I did, apparently."

"And whom might they be?"

"…" he paused for a minute as he looked to me. "The same one who protected you at Zaphias."

"As I thought from just a glance…" I continued, "that human has great potential."

"…Then why not watch the boy?" he suggested.

"Hmph, I thought of that also." I replied as I walked away.

"…One with ears and wings. Not called an Entelexia, but a demonic angel…" he muttered to himself.

That's right, because of this person. This guild, he's begun to have second thoughts about humans; all because of him, Yuri Lowell. As we plunged deeper into the maze inside the dragon's lair, the others followed quietly as I leaded. The sound of the dragon's breathing became louder and louder, as our young guild master's bravery began to drop bit by bit. In a distance was a roar, as the cave began to flare up. Fire was shot at us as our young guild master screamed in fear.

"Aaaahhhh!!!" Quickly, I lifted my arm, holding my hand out, creating a barrier to protect us. As the flames went around us, a sigh of relief was let out.
"Phew!" the old man collapsed onto his behind, "I thought we were gonners!" he said as Yuri ran up beside him with his sword unsheathed.
"Let's go!" he shouted as we charged into battle.


As they say, "if you play with fire you'll get burned." In this case, from what I've seen, it's mostly your bottom. As our genius mage and noble cast their artes, the rest of us: the young pirate, the krytian, the young guild master, Repede, and Yuri, plunged into close combat with the dragon as the old man backed us up.

"Lovett!" Yuri shouted as I nodded, casting Nightingale to heal our wounds. Light was emitted thorought the cave, giving off a soft glow as our injuries were healed. Now, with more energy than before, Yuri charged towards it as he jumped into the air, "Shining Fang Drop!" he shouted, attacking it from above. As then, the dragon swung it's tail at the noble, quickly I jumped in between to counter it.
"Sorry for the trouble." she appologized as she resumed to her casting.
"Azure edge!" Yuri shouted shooting a sharp blue wave at the dragon, as the young guild master threw a brick up mid-air and swung his hammer at it the krytian joined in.
"Lovett!" the genius mage shouted, "Do something besides standing there! Hit it, or something!" I sighed, looks like there's no avoiding this... Dashing towards the dragon, I brought my sword back as I swung it up into the air as lighting suddenly stuck down onto the dragon.
"Lightining tiger blade!" 'I'm sorry.' The dragon's attacks had stopped as I now have it's full attention. Bringing it's head back, it's mouth began to give off a green glow.
"Lovett, look out!" The brunette shouted as it shot it's flames at me. Quickly dodging it, I casted a quick spell, "Splash!". An urn had appeared above the dragon as it began to spill water above it. Provoked, it brought it's tail around. I deflected it, but as I fell back from the recoil, the dragon halted. It changed it's target from me to another as I heard my name being called out. My surroundings had drasticly changed as I fell, farther and farther. The once dark cave which was lite by flames and casting artes, have faided to pitch black.


How much further must I fall? It feels as though a day or so had passed. Falling, area of vision suddenly brightened up, as I now face the clear blue skies. I squinted, blinded by it as I then felt a sharp impact from the back.

"What happened?" a man asked, in raggy clothes as he walked up beside a female.
"Something fell out of the sky and landed into the food vault." she replied, glancing to the male and back to the shed.
"It's a demon!" One shouted out, as another questioned them.
"Could it really be?" as the conversation went on, one decided to take action and spoke up. "Someone call for the monk!"

The sound of muffled voices coming from further away; as I opened my eyes, I found myself in a shed. Where could I be? Halure? I looked up through the hole in which I created from the fall. I don't see the barrier tree... I pondered, as I noticed the voices outside graduatly became louder. With curiosity taking over, I walked up to the door and pushed it open, infront of me were people in odd clothings.

"I-it's a girl...?" and old man questioned.

"You fool!" a woman in her mid-30s spoke up. "Look at those ears! She's a demon!"

"A demon!"

"Where's the monk?!"

It seems that during my fall, my ears had reveiled itself. Twitching, my ears then perked up, and from the shouting, as it folded back. I covered my ears to block out the yelling. Continuing on, the mob finally began to calm down as a male of black hair, and one of silver hair and dog

"Oh good monk! It's great of you to come!"

"Yes, don't worry, we'll take care of the demon for you."

"By 'we' you just meant me, huh...?"

"Of course, Inuyasha."

I-Inu...that part of the I know of one with that? Uncovering my ears, I listened into the two male's conversations.

"Whatever, as long as I get to fight." the one in red stepped forward, unsheathing his sword. Amazing, it just transformed... "Got any last words?"

"..." Is he planning to fight against me? Does he know that one's strength does not comply to the size of one's sword? That doesn't matter right now though. "Where...?"

"Hm?" his ears perked up.

"Where is this place...?" I asked, looking into the far distance.

"Ha~h? Don't act dumb."

"Wait!" the monk interrupted, "Look at her clothes."

"What about them?" he asked as a breeze blew his way. "..." The male sniffed the air, catching my scent, he sheathed his sword. "Her scent; she's not from here."

"Hm?" the monk looked to him. "You mean, she's like Lady Kagome?" The male nodded.

"Yeah, seems like it."

"Good monk," a villager approached them, "Are you going to rid of the demon?"

"No," he replied," there's no need for that, my good man." he then looked to me. "Miss, if you so please, would you follow us?"