x-Name- Leon Harts
x-Age- 28
x-Nickname- Champ
x-Eye Color- Hazel
x-Hair Color- Black
x-Blood Type- A
x-Height- 183 cm
x-Weight- 146 lb*
x-Birth Place- New Orleans, Louisiana
x-Transportation- Mustang GTR
x-Race- American
x-Occupation- FBI Agent (Currently Channing Butler's partner)
x-Personality- The type that seems unapproachable, and dangerous. Also the silent type, but is actually really friendly.
x-Weapon- Glock 31
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x-Past to Present- Leon was a bullied child that needed Channing for protection. Till one day an accident would occur to where Channing would lose an eye for protecting Leon, thus having to blame himself. With her being cooped up in a hospital, Leon would try to visit her, but her parents did not allow it telling him that he would be nothing but trouble to Channing. Accepting the reality from those harsh words, Leon realized that he cannot keep relying on Channing. So he moved away, but with a resolution: next time, he would be the one to protect her. In 17 years, he had learned kick boxing, taekwondo, and karate. *Leon has been told that he's underweight for his age, but shrugs it off and tells them that "I rather be underweight than overweight."

x-Name- Markl Broussard
x-Age- 27
x-Eye Color- silver/aliceblue
x-Hair Color- Blue
x-Blood Type- AB
x-Height- 179 cm
x-Weight- 149 lb
x-Place of Birth- France
x-Personality- Out of surgery/: Soft spoken, polite, nice, has Hemophobia.
In surgery/: Serious, strict, determined, hardworking.
x-Occupation- Surgeon
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x-Before Operation- One who has a fear of Blood, yet peruses the occupation of a surgeon. No one in the hospital understands why and believes he should just leave. But something in the past makes him so determined to continue his work.

"I want to save lives! I won't want to feel useless anymore!"

Was what his transcript said. No one would think he'll be of use, till they work beside him and work with him. There's a bit of a surprise during the surgery, but that will be revealed later.