Chapter 1// Terca Lumireis
Brave Vesperia

In a fleeting dream, backs faced me in four different directions as one would turn to look. A feeling of overwhelming sadness rushed through my body, making me look away. Something, something is telling me not to look. A nostalgic voice called out to me in a whisper:

"We'll surely meet again,--"

As I turned to look once more, a sudden force compels me back into reality.

I suddenly woke up underneath the starry night sky, catching my breath. The force had shortened my breathing for only a mere five seconds.

"Hm?" a voice resonated only a few inches away. A male of long black hair and purple eyes sat on top of a log next to his trusty canine spoke to me. "Is something wrong Lovett?" I shook my head to him, why bother him over trivial things? As he continued to prod the burning firewood with a stick, the male brushed off my sudden awakening by saying, "Well, if you say so." As he went back to 'entertaining himself,' I noticed the drowsy look in his eyes. Taking pity on him, I stood up and sat down beside him.

"…I'll take over from here…"

"Huh?" he looked to me a bit surprised. "You sure?" I nodded, letting him know that it was okay. Relieved from his duty, he stood up. "Hmm…" smiling to me he continued. "…alright. Try to get some sleep soon." He said as he sat on the ground, leaned against the log, and fell asleep. I sighed, staring at the fire thinking about the dream.

"…'Surely we'll meet again'…" I repeated to myself, wondering.

What does it mean?


Night has fallen, and dawn has risen to greet us. As the others were ways away, sleeping under the red sky, I was bathing in a nearby lake. A pure and clean lake only known by monsters who live in the area; I washed away my thoughts of the dream. A rustle was heard as I immediately turned my attention towards the source. A female of short pink hair and green eyes, with an air of nobility around her, walked out.

"Sorry if I startled you Lovett." She said in a cheery tone. "I saw you leave the campsite and followed you. You don't mind if I join you…do you?"

"Do as you wish…" I said turning my head away from her with my eyes closed as she smiled to me.

"Okay then." She replied, stepping into the lake and sat across from me. "Um… Lovett? What made you join Brave Vesperia?"

Brave Vesperia is a guild; we basically do odd jobs for clients. Our guild master is Karol, a young boy of brown hair and eyes who is only 12 to 13 years of age. Right now our client is this girl, Estellise; who would rather be called by her nickname, Estelle. Our job is to slay a dragon which maybe a threat to a neighboring town.


"Y-yes…" the female replied, furrowing her eyebrows as she leaning forward. There was a pause as I thought of an answer for the curious female.

"Does one really need an explanation to join…?" I asked her.

"I…suppose not…." She leaned back, "Sorry." I shook my head to her.

"It's fine."

As the female's smile returned to her face, the muffled sound of a branch breaking was heard from afar. Quickly turning my head to the direction of where the source of the sound came from. Seeing the way I reacted, the girl became worried.

"What is it Lovett?" she asked as she stood up.

"Stay down." I instructed her as I stand, holding my arm out in front of her as a voice was heard from afar. I glared, swiftly jumping out of the water in an instant as the girl sat back down.

Not too far from the lake, a male of his late thirties with black hair and brown eyes hid behind a grouping of boulders.

"Hey…where'd lil'Lovett go?" he asked himself as he gestured around. I quietly landed behind him, sighing. Cracking my knuckles, the male became aware of my presence. As he turned his head to look back, cold sweat dripped down as he turned his entire body, facing me, as he backed up against the boulders.
"W-wait Lovett! Eheheh, i-it's not what'cha think'in!" he said smiling to me. "I was just look'in around for monsters! 'Ta keep you two safe! That's all!" If he believes that he can fool me, then he's wrong. I brought my arm back and threw a punch at him, as he closed his eyes, screaming in fear."Aaaahhh!!!" Before my fist had left an impact on the male's face, a hand reached out and grabbed my wrist as a coat was placed onto my back.

"That's good enough." The other said, "I wouldn't want to carry an unconscious old man on our travels."

"Hey!" He spoke up with an annoyed expression. Bushes nearby began to rustle as we turned our attention to it.

"Lovett!" called out a female voice as the girl from before walked out, fully clothed, with my clothes in her arms. "This is where you went--!" she gasped, seeing the other two, the other sighs. "Lovett…, it's not lady-like to appear in front of a man without your clothes on." She scolded me, flushing red. "Come on, let's go back to the lake." She said as I followed her, hearing the sound of the other sit down and sigh.

The old man looked to the other and grinned. "What's wrong, Yuri mah boy? Not used ta seeing a girl's naked body?" The other arched a brow to the old man:

"What about you? Your nose is bleeding."

"That mah boy, is a sign of happiness." The other sighs once more and stood up.

"C'mon, let's head back. Those two probably already returned."

As I sat on top of the logs, watching the others pack. I yawned to the cloudy blue skys, tired and sleepy. The sound of footsteps gradually became louder, as a voice then spoke to me.

"What'cha doin' just sittin' there, Lovett?" the old man asked with his usual nonchalant expression on his face. I snorted, glaring at him as I replied:
"What does it look like?"

"Ya look kinda bored," he said as he then pondered for a second. "Wait, ya kinda look that way all the time, actually."

"Hmph." I looked away, tired of the male already, "It's the face I was born with." I added as I then took notice of our young genius making her way over to the old man to take him away. Among the 'argue' between the two, Yuri patted the item pouch and placed it in our young guild master's bag, and announced the completion of ensconcing it away.

"Alright, let's get going." he said as everyone agreed.


Walking behind everyone, I yawned once more as I rubbed my eyes. Taking notice the male, Yuri, stopped and waited for me to reached him, now matching my pace.

"Didn't get enough sleep?" he asked, grinning to me as I snorted to how he quickly took notice. "I figured." he replied, chuckling.

"Lovett," the young guild master called out to me. "How much farther is it?"

"Not too far from here." I replied to him.

"It's really convienent," the genius mage spoke up. "Your knowledge of the world. I mean, you even know area's that haven't been discovered yet."

"It's also quite amazing on how much you knew about the krytians and my hometown."

"Yeah," the old man chiped in, "What did'ya do before joining the guild, Lovett?"

I paused for a bit as I tried to simplify what I had been doing besides including the years I have lived on. I guess that's the best way to do so, "...traveling..." I replied as the noble tilted her head to the side, asking another question.

"Were you a traveling scholar?" once again I paused, Why do they choose now to find out more of me? Waiting for my reply, Yuri interrupted.

"Hey, c'mon, the lair's not too far right? Let's get it done with." I nodded to him as I walked to the direction of the lair with everyone else following from behind.


Before us loomed a great cave carved out of the side of the mountain: the dragon's lair. Bones of various creatures were scattered before the opening, carelessly tossed aside as the dragon finished them. It brought a soft ache to my heart. 'For what reason have you resorted to killing humans?' I wondered as I caught sight of a human skull. 'Why would you do such a thing..?'

"Wait!" the boy snapped me out of my thoughts. We were standing in the mouth of the cave. Everyone turned to the young brunette, focusing their attention on just him. He seemed visibly shaken. "B-before we go in, shouldn't we get ready?" he stammered, though he tried to cover his nervousness quickly.

Yuri placed his hand on his hip. "Well, what do you suggest we do, Captain Karol?"

"Um, well..." He looked down, fiddling with his weapon. Suddenly he looked back up, excitement in his eyes. "Oh, Lovett! You know a lot. What do you know about the dragon?"
I sighed, but turned to the cave anyway. "Like all dragons, he has control of the element Fire, though his main element is Darkness."

"So, we'll just have Estelle use light elemental spells, and occasionally, you'll cast spells when you have the chance." he then looked to the genius mage, continuing, "while Rita'll cast water elemental spells." he said as the noble nodded to him.

"Okay, I'll do my best!" 'Why did it come to this? This young dragon, whom I took care of since it's mother had died from the knights in the past. I don't understand.' The more I thought of it, the more my heart began to ache a bit more. "..."

"Huh?" the blond pirate turned to me, "Something wrong Lovett?" I shook my head to her. "Hm~?" her eyelids fluttered, "Alrighty then, if anything's bothering you, you can tell me!" I sighed, if only you knew.

"Alright, since we're ready, let's go in." Yuri said, excited as everyone followed behind into the lair.