Agaki Souhu's Past
((might be a long story and I might have to put it in parts. If I do, sorry.))

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XXXIt was a memory engraved in my mind. Even the feeling of the raindrops falling against my skin is fresh. I was silently grieving on my beloved parent's death beds as the 'adults' fought over who'd take me in because of my wealthy inheritance. I wiped away the salty tears from my eyes as suddenly an arm had pulled me back. It was my aunt from my mother's side.

"This child is under our care!" she shouted to the others as she then dragged me away into her car with her husband and children. At that moment, I didn't understand why till I realized the change in her home. New furnitures, new clothes, a fridge stocked with food, it had finally occurred to me...she didn't care for me. What she had cared for was the money. She was the one relative I had looked forward to spending time with since I was small, but now reality had opened my eyes. I was never loved, and never will be.

XXX A month had passed since I had stayed there, one day one of her children approached me and spoke to me in an aggravated tone. It was her eldest daughter, she said to me: "Mama said you're a hindrance to us, and that the only reason we keep you is because of the money. Do you get it? If you'd die, Mama will then inherit the money and then Papa and Mama will be happy forever." when she said that, it ticked me off but I let it brush aside; she grinned to me evilly and pushed me down the stairs. In a matter of seconds, gasping for air, I could feel the pain. My left leg and arm broke, as I laid on the floor. The last thing I could remember before I passed out was me calling out for my parents as I cried. But that was foolish of me...

XXXWhen I awoke, I was in the hospital, wrapped in bandages underneath a white ceiling. My head was pounding from the incident as the memories flowed back into my mind. I hung my head over the bed sheets as tears had fallen and stained the blankets. Soon the door had opened and a male had entered the room. My uncle from my father's side stared at me for a while as I quickly wiped my tears away, now looking back at him with empty eyes. He sighed with a heartfelt look as he walked over and sat next to me. "I heard what happened. I'm taking your in, alright?" he said as I kept quiet, nodding to him. Even if I didn't want to I was too young to stay on my own, so for now I l listened to him. That uncle...was different from my aunt. He was kind, compassionate, and quite obsessed out bis fiancee. But one day, he committed suicide because his fiancee had died from a strange incident that ont even the police could understand, nor grasp the situation. His final words were, "I'm coming Himiko..." Because of that, I was passed down from one relative after another, with a reputation among our family as the cursed one.
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XXXWhen I had finally turned 15, I announced to everyone that I was to live on my own. They rejected it, not because they were worried, but because if I leave the inheritance wouldn't be theirs anymore, not even to myself because I was too young to take it. But I didn't care, because I had received a fully-paid scholarship to Gekkoukan with a dorm and all. It was finally a chance for me to leave this hell hole.

XXXA day later, I've arrived at the dorm. It seemed pretty old from the outside, but...surprisingly, from the inside it's so brand spanking new... 'Standing outside won't do me any good' I thought, 'I have to go inside and make a good impression.' As I took a deep breath, I stepped into the dorm; the start of my new life. Closing the door behind me, my eyes began to wonder through the room; from the counter to the sofa then the dining room to the small television. 'It's quiet.' I thought as I stood in the lobby of the co-ed dorm.

"Hello." a female's voice called out to me, "You must be Souhu, Agaki-senpai. Nice to meet you, I'm Kirijou, Mitsuru." 'Kirijou, Mitsuru...the president's daughter of the Kirijou family...'

"I-I see, it's nice to meet you. I said as she had extended her hand out to me for a shake, I extended my hand out to her as well, shaking it. "What is the Kirijou's young madam doing here?" I asked, trying to keep up my smile.

"Oh, just wanted a change of scenery." she said as she laid her hand down next to her waist. "I heard about your past. I'm...sorry about your parents..."

"Oh no, don't worry about it. I said to her, "We were never really that close." Lies...why did I just tell her that lie? Was it because I wanted to lessen her burden as the daughter of the president who made it happen? Or was it because I didn't want her to feel as horrible as I did with parents who actually participated in it, leaving many other childrens parentless like me? Either way, I didn't want her to feel too bad.

"Is that so? Still, I should apologize." she said as she readied herself to bow.

"N-no! You don't have to, 'don't worry about it' I said!" shaking my head and waving my hands to her, she giggled.

"You're quite energetic Souhu-senpai." I felt my face flush of embarrassment, rubbing the back of my neck (a habit to show that I was feeling awkward), she continued. "I'll take you to your room." I nodded to her as I grabbed my luggage and followed her to the second floor of the dorm.

XXXShe brought me to the first door to the right, "This is your room, once you've settled in, let me know and I'll show you around the rest of the dorm. I nodded once again, "All right then, make yourself comfortable and enjoy yourself." she said, now walking down the stairs. I took a deep breath, readying myself to see the state that the dorm room would be in. Hearing from people online, they had told me that dorm rooms are usually lent down from one person to another, usually in a depressing state. I was preparing for that as I stood infront of the door to my new 'home'. Now ready, I took hold of the door knob and turned it, peeking into the room that was also, surprisingly, brand new. There was no dust, or anything, 'Did Kirijou-ojouchan do the cleaning herself? Impossible.' I thought, looking around. But I was astound, my dorm room had turned out better than I had expected, MUCH better.


XXXIt's has already been a week since I've moved into Iwatodai dorms, and might I say it's been nice. I didn't have to put up with much abuse, insults, and being used. Even though Kirijou-ojochan and I are the only one who're residing in the dorms, I have enjoyed our time together alone. But it's too be expected, Kirijou-ojochan has found someone new, moving into our dorms in the same year as her. I guess...having someone new in our humble dorm isn't so bad either.

XXXIt was in the afternoon, when school. I was back at the dorms, doing as told by Kirijou-ojochan by preparing a room across from mine for the new resident. While finishing up, Kirijou-ojochan called out for me from downstairs. Throwing in some final touches, I stood up and wiped the sweat from my forehead. "Phew, all clean." I said, looking at the room that sparkled in the daylight. I walked out of the room, with the utensils I used to clean, and headed down stairs to see what Kirijou-ojochan wanted with me.

"What is it?" I asked, smiling as I walked up to her and a silver/white hair male that stood next to her.

"Souhu-senpai, this is Sanada, Akihiko." she said, introducing me to him. He reached out to me for a shake as I took his hand and shook. "Nice to meet you!" I said, smiling to him as he nodded to me.

"Same here, Souhu-senpai. I've heard of you before, but I didn't expect to find you here." I chuckled.

"Where could you have heard of me? I'm not popular like you."

"I heard of you from some girls."

"His fans."

"Urgh." I chuckled once more. "Anyway, I'm looking forward to staying here."

"You must be tired, so why don't I show you to your room?" she asked as Sanada-kun would nod to her. "I'm not tired, but sure." watching the two leave the room, I smiled to myself, 'Looks like things are going to get more exciting.' I thought as I then headed to the kitchen and began to make dinner. I looked out through the window and looked to the full moon in the red sky.

((To Be Continued...))