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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
Chapter Eight: ol' Gramps is Back
Clover later that day had left and gone back to her cabin. Grunt the following day wakes up and goes to Zero’s kitchen to snag some burnt brownies. Zero however, found out soon enough, because they had gotten a phone call that had woken her up. When she did, she first ignored the phone call and took back the brownies that were rightfully hers, and sat down to eat breakfast, and Grunt joined her. They got several phone calls that same morning, but they never answered. Feeling like she should pick it up sooner or later, Zero finally picks it up after the umpteenth call. It was good that she did, because the person calling was Clover. “ZERO! Listen, uh… I’m going to need to talk to Grunt for a second!” She said, hurriedly. “Er… okay, hold on.” Zero answered.
“Grunt here.” He said, taking the phone from Zero.
“Grunt! It was horrible! A storm blew my entire cabin away! It’s history now! The roof blew off, everything’s a mess! And guess who came when it happened?”
“Gramps! I invited him over, and he saw the whole thing! Wait, I think he wants to talk.” Clover says, and there is a shuffling noise on the line. Then a booming voice was heard. “Grunt, me bucko! How’s it going?” Gramps yelled.
“Uh…pretty good Gramps. Nice to hear that you’re okay. I’m very sorry about what happened!”
“Don’t be, ol’ boy! We’re quite fine here…I must admit, it’s getting quite chilly without a roof or anything, but listen. Clover tells me of a lass named Zero that you live with. Could you ask if we pay a visit there, maybe very soon?” he asks.
“Sure Gramps. Hold on a sec.” Grunt puts down the phone for a minute and looks at Zero. “Er, bud? Clover and my Grandpa need to come here, ASAP. A storm blew Clover’s house apart!”
“What?! That’s horrible! Don’t worry mate, they’re welcome to come here right now. Tell em’.” Zero replies.
“Okay, great! Yeah, Gramps? She said yes. Okay. Alright. You have a what?! Uh, sure. Okay, see you very soon. Bye.” Grunt hangs up the phone and scratches the back of his head. “He said he’ll be here in no less than two minutes. He says he has a very quick method of transportation. That’s odd; I don’t remember him ever having some sort of faster way of traveling.”

Suddenly, there was a crashing noise heard from outside. Grunt and Zero rush out to see what made the noise, but they saw nothing that could have made such a loud ruckus. Instead, they saw Clover and Gramps walking peacefully towards the house. “Why hello there!” said Gramps, rushing over to Grunt and Zero. He first hugged Grunt, then took Zero’s hand and shook it firmly. “Er…nice to meet you sir!” Zero said, smiling at the old man. “Very wonderful to meet you as well, Zero! I’ve heard wonderful things about you, I have! Thank you so much for letting us come here…” he replied. He looks down, as if thinking about something very serious, then looks back up at Zero. “Er… Zero? Me and Clover need to ask somethin’ of you… I didn’t want to be of any bother to you, and, well, you’re aware that our home has been completely demolished by a horrible storm…” He trails off, and lets Clover finish his sentence. “He wants to ask if we could stay with you two for the time being, until we find a new home, or when my cabin gets repaired.” She said. Zero looked at the two, and then looked at Grunt. His face was noticeably red, and his hands were in his pockets. Zero looks back at Clover and Gramps, and says, “Sure! The more the merrier, I always say!”
Gramps smiles at her, beaming. First he gives her a great hug, and then laughs. “Ho ho! Thank you so much, lass! I can’t tell ye how thankful I am! Thank you, very, very much!” He says. Grunt scratches the back of his head, his face still red, and one hand in his pocket. “Haha, how about we go ahead inside and get you guys something warm to drink, eh?”

They all sit on couches, around a small coffee table in the middle. Gramps decides to drink some cocoa, while Clover just drinks juice. Grunt sits back and eats the brownie he had stolen from Zero, and was too late to give back anyway. Zero just sits there with a smile on her face, glad about all the great company she’d be having now. They all talk for awhile; getting to know each other. As Gramps introduces himself, Clover talks about the silly things Grunt used to do back at her cabin, when they used to live together.
“Well I think I’ve had enough sitting around! I think I’ll go tree hunting for this holiday season!” says Gramps, standing up and putting on his coat. “That special holiday is just around the corner, and we gotta make this house look nice and merry! I’ll be back maybe tomorrow morn’. Its tough to find the perfect tree nowadays, don’t ya’ know.” With that, he leaves the house, axe brandished and boots ready. They all sit there quiet for a couple of minutes, as Gramps was the heart of the entire conversation, and he kept things joyous. Clover broke the silence with a yawn. She stood up, and patted Grunt’s back. “I’m going to be heading off to bed. That storm came pretty early in the morning…I hardly got any sleep. I’ll see you two maybe in a few hours…” She walked away to a bedroom, and shut the door.
Grunt gets up as well, heading towards the kitchen, famished despite the fact he had eaten several brownies, and a full breakfast meal as well. Zero stops him from eating anymore, and restricts his usage of the kitchen until further notice. Grunt didn’t mind, he and Zero were just being silly again. Although, there was something in Zero’s voice that told him to not go back into the kitchen again, until she told him otherwise. Zero chuckled at Grunt’s loyalty. It made her feel like she had a true friend.

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