• Cries of the wounded,
    Screams of the freshly shot,
    I run out to the others with ammo,
    Their metals steaming hot.
    I look back to see the dead,
    And yet they are alive.
    They’re craving for my flesh,
    So I take cover and hide.
    I hear a hiss in the distance,
    Beyond the yonder hill.
    Now income the vampires,
    Coming for the kill.
    Blood stains the grass,
    Our side is now dead.
    I take a loaded gun,
    And aim for the closest head.
    Turns out to be the captain his eyes a bloody red.
    He lunges for my neck,
    I pull the trigger tight,
    The sun began to set,
    As day turned into night.
    Surrounded by my enemies,
    Who used to be my friends,
    They all died in battle,
    Met their fates their ends.
    Now I am one with the group,
    Here on stranger night,
    I crave for another’s blood,
    So watch out for me I bite.