• Abused and Confused
    I don't know which is worse.
    Death or Life
    I don't know which to choose.
    Not Mommy nor Daddy
    Is here to guide me.
    No love nor hate
    Just confusion and sadness.
    If only I had someone
    to help me through this pain
    I might not now be going insane.
    But there is no one here
    And there probably never will be.
    No one to care for me.
    No one to love.
    No one to tell me how they feel.
    I guess I'm underserving
    or unworthy of affection.
    Perhaps I should end it now
    And feel the infatuation of a bullet's kiss.
    Or perhaps I could run
    Far from home.
    Not knowing where to go
    and not really caring to learn.
    Fear of isolation
    Keeps me from going.
    Fear of the ever-after
    Keeps me from dying.
    I can't find an escape.
    There's no way out.
    I'm stuck in this place of harm and agony.
    I'm stuck in this home
    of hatred and disfunction.
    All I can do
    Is calmly wait.
    All I can do
    Is wait for my inevitable fate.