• Wallace and the Jab-Punch Machine
    by: Jaime

    One beautiful morning Wallace was on his way to the mall because he wanted to buy an icecream cone. When he arrived, he decided to take a look around the store before buying his icecream cone. As soon as he finished looking at the jewelry, he decided to look at the pants because he was growing entirely too big for his. Wallace, who was growing very hungry by now, trotted down the hall until something caught his eye. It was an odd looking machine. On the machine was writing that read, "For every dollar you pay, lose ten pounds." "That's a great deal," he whispered to himself. "Where did I put my money?" he then asked himself. Finally, he found his money. Looking straight down at his stomach, he mused,"Well, maybe I should exercise instead of buying an icecream cone."

    Sighing, Wallace dropped his dollar, which he could be using to buy an icecream cone, into the machine slot. Suddenly, words popped up on the screen. They read, "You weigh exactly 230 pounds." In a moment, more words popped up. Wallace was very astonished when he read the screen. He exclaimed, "Hop on one foot for an hour!! I'd die if I had to do that!" But because he was so desperate, he decided to try. He started hopping. Although he was sweating terribly, he pressed on. He imagined what it would be like to weigh less than 230 pounds. Whenever he was tempted to stop, a mechanical fist would punch him. Slowly, the hour passed. He was a wet noodle. Then he exclaimed, "How wonderful it will be to not weigh so much!!"

    Finally, he was done exercising. After about five seconds, words appeared on the screen. Breathing heavily he read the screen. "You now weigh 220 pounds," he read. Wallace was very exhausted and his eye hurt terribly where the fist had punched him. When he put his hand in his pocket he discovered that he had some money left over. Then when Wallace put his hand on his stomach, it growled. Wallace, who had not had anything to eat for lunch, then decided that because he had lost weight, he could buy two icecream cones, instead of one.