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  • Artist Info: Welcome to the show. My name is Bell-yours truly. If you know me then, hey, cool beans. If you don't, it's a good thing you're reading this....<br />
    i'm not going to bore you by droning on and on about my bottomless life, per se;that's for some other time. But i'll tell you five things:<br />
    i'm a music junkie. No matter what you jam in my ear, i'll listen to it.<br />
    Foreign people amuse me-in a good way, because i'm jealous of them and their exotic accents.<br />
    i like to dance randomly.<br />
    Perfectionist i am.<br />
    i'll love anybody, so long they don't break me. i'm fragile. (This side up^)<br />
    So, dearest stranger, who do you think i am?<br />
    <br />
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