• sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop stressed sweatdrop stressed sweatdrop stressed sweatdrop stressed
    I can’t stand it this burning pain in the pit of my stomach
    I don’t know what his feeling is, I can’t be love struck
    It’s like it’s a bitter sweet, the stinging on the tip of my tongue must not be sugar
    Its there, I feel it right under my skin, spreading painfully, it’s a cancer
    Sweet thick venom
    The way it courses and hurts I turn evil and fearsome
    The way it slides around my mouth, wanting to escape to infect someone
    I feel so used up so angry, almost vampiric, I must’ve been bitten
    Oh it hurts so bad I love it
    I can’t even bare to think straight without it
    I love the way it feels, coursing my veins, seeping from my tongue, I want to yell and scream
    I hunger for its sweetness, a sticky sweet treat, the pain almost going to the extreme
    The tips of my fingers find my mouth, I suck lightly on them
    This seduction this power is a gleaming hollow gem
    Oh god, the power
    I start to crave it more this taste in my mouth sweet and bitter
    It’s almost taking over me now, my body starts to ache
    My innocent thoughts evaporate
    I am not the innocent girl, if not innocent me then who?
    But a seductive slave to the thought of you…
    The shaking gives me signals I ignore them
    A moan escapes my mouth I start to need him