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Fan are, maximum ride!...max..is..back...
Ellyn came home from that school, she put her back-pack on the floor next to the desk she spends half her life at, and starts her lap top up. She sighs
Matt was at a different school in Russia, she missed him terribly.
The computer screen shows her background of her and Matt kissing, she smiles and touches his face softly
"i love you" she whispers. She logs onto myspace, nothing, gaia, nothing...she sighs and logs into msn, nothing, she then tries his blog, nothing..."how long are you goig to be gone for?"
...then at that moment a little sign box pops up..
Ellyn grins, clicking on the box...
!Ellyn!: *tackles* Matt!
Matt: >.O...*is tackled*
......After an hour of laughing chatting and smiling, Matt confesses...
he doesnt feel for her
...Ellyn is broken
not only on the inside
but her china wall that blocks her emotions collapses
all around her she sees dust and debre...shes crying, she hasnt cried since..since! she doesnt even remember
then this horrible pain builds up inside, she wants to smash his face in, including everyone elses
"...i wont talk to you until Fang is back"
what Fang?
the real Fang..he'll never be back
she feels worse, worse then any other time
her world is shattered
..."yeah..i know how you feel"
she screams over and over..but no one can hear her
...shes all alone, and she feels it too, her best friend found david...
her other friend jon has like a million chicks at his feet..
and she has all those guys wanting her at school
but theres only one person she wants...
she starts to break, telling Matt how angry she feels
"your great wall of china is breaking"
she screams back
"no its not!!"
but she knows it is.
shes breaking down more and more with each letter she writes onto that screen
..she yells at him to get off
he does
..she pushes her lap top and other stuff of her desk, picking up her lap top and smashig it into the wall, watching ti shattered made her smile, she took the old bloody piece of glass she hides from everybody and tears up her bed, then her covers and blankets...she looks at the wiindow..how she longs to be free...she ran up to the window and broke the glass, bursting through it, she falls, spreading her wings out..but they are none..
she tries again and again, shes down to two more levels of floor untill the ground hits...how did two already pass?
she tries again, but theres no wings.. she starts to cry, the ground getting closer, then a thought came..
what would Matt feel
what would Matt feel...
so she stopped trying and let herself fall...
(newspaper next day)
Homicide or suicide, you decide...
"Ellyn, we all knew her..but we didnt think she'd really kill herself" says best friend melissa
"yeah..but i dont think she did it! i think it was a murder!!!"...her friend luna replyed
“either way..Ellyn is dead..so what does it matter if it was a murder or a suicide..”…-matt…
“Max is back, and Ellyn’s never commin back… So just embrace..this horrible..little..accident...- unkown…

l-l a r d c o r eUnicorn
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l-l a r d c o r eUnicorn
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