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  • Artist Info: hey its me! and if you dont know me lets start with the name.<br />
    my names mariah olivia christine belmont. im 14 years old with black hair light brown eyes and tan skin. i am an amazing person if u et to know me. i have a fun and crazy personality. i have gotten called wierd plenty of times by people who dont know me. but seriosly get to know me and u will love my crazyness. im fun to just chill with. and when u dont know me n u try to fuck with me i will get in ur face. if u fuck with me and i do know u not only will i get in ur face i will kick ur ass if im in the mood. but annnny whayss. i love writing poetry its a hobby of mine. so if u wanna see some of meh poems go chek em out. i also love taking pictures. like taking a dsposable camra and take random pctures and see how they turn out. my sports are basketball baseball and used to do ballett idk how to spell lol. so bare with mme. my friends are a huge part of my life! like u belle and missa u guys r amzing and have kept me going! another part of my life is clayton. we juss started dating but we have known him for a while. he is amazin and always wants me to be happy. when im not with him we r always talking on the phone like 24/7. i love him!
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