• In the pitch black, you shan't see me.
    In this still night, you shan't hear me.
    But in this proximity, as we grow closer.

    Can you feel me?

    Does this emotion flow through your mind and soul as it does me?
    Well, i hope this darkness carries it to you.
    Because you're too great of a person to not feel this.

    To not sense this admiration, this love.
    This aura that radiates so vastly through all things.
    And I pray you channel it too..
    So that you may see, and feel.

    Then. and only then, will you understand.
    This admiration, this love. That exists only in this darkness.
    Do not mistake it for hatred, or of evil concept, For such a thing could not exist in our proximity.

    In this darkness exists only a love that cannot be explained.
    A love for all things.
    Even the dark that thickens.
    The Arts

    So now you see, you don't need to see me.
    You don't need to hear me.
    All you need, is to feel.
    To feel this aura.
    Because in it, in all the love in the dark. There exists a seperate love for you.
    And when you feel this aura, you shall understand even that.
    Why i cannot say it for myself, i cannot explain.
    But in this aura, this darkness, you will understand.

    And this love for one another, and for all things shall exist, in this darkness.

    This aura.