• When did I first wear the chain?
    Become responsible for all their pain?
    When did I wake from the daze?
    Longing for their approval and their praise?
    Out on the roof now do I sit
    Working through one of my “childish fits”
    Why must they always think I’m a child?
    I glare at the sun but it only smiles
    Why must I live to fill their dreams?
    Make up for their mistakes it seems
    It’s true I hate to see them cry
    But I can’t continue to live a lie
    How do you tell your parents their wrong?
    I lay on the roof, the day drags along
    I’ve tried to mention it to my friends
    They seem to have short attention spans
    Cause suddenly we’re back on guys
    It’s my turn to tune out before my brain fries
    I hear my parents through the window
    Their still mad and their letting it show
    I get on my feet walk to the edge
    If I jumped now would I end up dead?
    Suicide isn’t something I envy
    But some day’s these chains seem so heavy
    The smell of food comes from below
    Moms still mad Dad’s watching a show
    I walk back and sit against the wall
    I’m really not hungry after all
    Forever then evening finally comes
    I mockingly wave to the setting sun
    Now the coolness of night creeps in
    The frog and crickets start to sing
    A knock on my door, mom tells me to eat
    She and Dad are soon going to sleep
    I say goodnight in an angry tone
    A few more minutes and I’m finally alone
    Why at night do my chains seem lighter?
    Why does the darkness make my soul brighter?
    I stand and stretch my arms out wide
    At moments like this I swear I can fly
    I smile and greet each sparkling star
    Spending silent wishes from my heart
    There’s no need for more questions now
    In the darkness it doesn’t matter who or how
    I love the night and she loves me
    These are the hours she makes me free.