• The flowers
    Pink, purple, and blue,
    Sway in the breeze of the open window.
    Their soft petals give way into their deep green stems.
    The delicate leaves move gracefully with the wind.

    Where did these flowers come from?
    A husband? A boyfriend? A child?
    Maybe the woman was just feeling cheerful.
    The warm days of spring were returning
    And one couldn't resist being joyful.
    But where had the vase come from?

    The intricate patters of flowers seemed unfit for a sunroom.
    They flowed gracefully without interruption over the smooth ceramic.
    The pale blue paint seemed to be a daring choice,
    But it hinted elegance all the same.
    It was perfect for this arrangement of daisies
    They matched beautifully with the paint.

    The woman busied herself around the room.
    A habit for when she had guests.
    She could decorate to her heart's desire,
    But her visitors could not take thier eyes off the pretty vase.
    Despite its small size it filled the large room with its beauty.
    Who was this woman?
    And where did she get such a beautiful vase?