• Follow me to the rapture
    As the time comes upon us when the ultimate exodus begins
    And the fires of redemption arise
    Devouring all that was not pure
    Not in light, not in innocence, not in material bonds
    In truth, in redemption, in humility

    Come and dance among the ashes
    Among the bones of the guilty and over zealous
    Who strived for possessions that were never theirs

    Come and join me among the flames
    To observe the demise of the wicked
    As they’re engulfed by the black reign
    On the ultimate judgement day
    And those who oppressed us are swallowed by the fog
    Of the advent of the fate that they feverishly attempted to avoid

    Oh yes, the time has come
    And all who have walked with heads high
    With false pride in their hearts will face the truth
    Those who feasted upon the flesh of the weak and naïve
    Will wish that they would have died long ago
    Falling victim to the piercing shrieks and heckles of the truly worthy
    Crying to yourself “Oh Gods! Oh higher beings! Oh higher powers deliver me!”

    But they will be left drowning
    In the scorn and reality that there is no better place for them
    And the Righteous will dance among their bones
    As the flames engulf them and the black reign devours them