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  • Artist Info: Well, hmm....I do a lot of writing...mostly poetry...but not love poetry...there's too many people in the world that write love poetry...so I write life poetry, and short stories. As well, I'm into clothing design....I just started a small clothing line about six months ago, I also sometimes paint and do black and white photography. I'm a really easy person to get along with, I love my friends...some of them are really close lifelines to me even (meaning I've been able to depend on them in the craziest of times)! I'm not serious most of the time, but I respect people's feelings and stuff like that. <br />
    <br />
    I'm asian, from Canada though, I've been there all my life...only been back to my parent's country (Philippines) for almost two decades (hah...just gave ya a hint around how old I am!). <br />
    <br />
    I love animals, but I've only had a dog (cockerspaniel/poodle named laurie), a beautiful black cat named midnight, and two gold fish names ernie and bert (I didn't name them, my sisters did...lol). Um, hmm...what else, what else? I mostly listen to dark ambient music (Danzig, VNV Nation, Johnny Hollow...etc), hard stomping industrial and punk (Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Die Manniquin), some jazz, and well, some of everything else. I don't spend too much time indoors...I really like escaping to deep forests and anywhere else natural that drowns out urban society, and being out in the really late night hours (though cuz of work, I don't always get that luxury).<br />
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