• "Want to sing Our Song?" my crush looks at me as we walk.I look at his sparkling brown eyes and smile.
    "Sure," I blush. Wait, lets rewind.
    "OMG! Are you going to Peter Piper Pizza this time?" I ask to your crush.
    "Yes, why wouldn't I?"
    i smile and jump up and down, then stop, realizing that his girlfriend is watching.
    "How are you two going on?" I ask him. He looks over and says, "I like her alot."
    The bell rings and we walk inside. Our teacher blabs on about how we have to behave. We finally walk off and Peter Piper Pizza is about a mile away.
    "Amazing," I whisper to myself.
    My crush comes up behind me and spooks me out.
    "Stop it!" I yell at him. My teacher whispers my name and I quiet down. "What is it?"
    We start talking about songs and he asks me about one particular song.
    "Do you know Our Song-Taylor Swift?"
    "Who doesn't I reply?" I reply. Looking at him, he's my best friend, since 1rst grade. Now, that's along ways back, and he used to like me. I still think he does though.
    "Want to sing it?"he suddenly asks me after a silence.
    "Do you even know all the words to it?"
    "Sure." I blush.
    "Ok, ready?"
    "As I'll ever be."I whisper.
    The whole entire time we spent together, we sang. That song, over and over again.
    Even if it isn't a precious song, I think of it as our song. Our Song is our song. And that makes me blush.