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Write this in the toolbar to see a picture of a girl that is in my favorite song. (REmembering Sunday)


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Chapter 2
"Where are we going?" Saavie asked inpatiently.
"Do you trust me?"
Saavie paused for a second. "Yes."
She couldn't see it, but John smiled like an angel "We are almost there." he said.
Saavie breathed. There was a light ahead that passed and she saw another log cabin. She saw a girl next to it. As she got closer, she saw it. The she was an angel.
"Saavie, this is Jennifer. She is a ...gothic angel. Kinda." John whispered to her.
Saavie said nothing. She just stared.
"Please don't be afraid. I only dress gothic. I'm a real angel though."Jennifer paused. "It takes some time to get used to though."
"Um, Alright. Jennifer, I have one question. Who was that mutant that was running after me? I know his name, but it is very freaky anyways."Saavie asked questioningly.
"Yes I do, Your great great great grandfather had a special power, control. His blood runs in your veins. Tob's master is Josefina. She wants to take over the world. But she is missing one thing. Control. That is why she tasked Tob with the job, of killing you, for your blood." Jennifer replied.
John walked slowly behind Saavie and hugged her. "It's ok." He whispered.
She pushed him away. "No it's not." John tried to hold on to her hand but she slapped his hand. " Just give me a second, John."
"Where? We have to knopw hwere you are so you don't get hurt." He asked.
"Outside. If thats ok."She scowled at him and walked out, slamming the door.

"Some girl you have there ,John." Jennifer teased.
"Shut up Jennifer."
"Make me dim wit. Wait, did you hear that?"
"What are you talking about?" John asked.
"Saavie's in trouble"
John's eyes widened. They both heard a blood curdling scream.
He ran outside only to find a note:

"Ha ha little Johnny Boy. This is your higher placement, Tob. Bet you thought she as here, she isn't. She's with me. You'll never meet her again. Or, you can just try!

"Oh crap" John screamed.

If you can make it better, then please comment.

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Chapter 1: Needs a title
Chapter 1: Needs a title
Saavie dashed through the alien trees. She huffed and slowed down, the sped up again. I cant let him catch me! she thought to herself.

A dark shadow ran cosely behind her. An even darker laugh followed. "Run all you want, but you will not get past me this time." a ragged voice came.

Saavie's heart raced as a bright light in front of her passed and she saw a small log cabin. Quickly, she ran inside, looking for a place to hide.

A skeletal body walked into the cabin, his body aching of old age. The peircing red eyes stared around the room and then said, "Don't be afraid little Saavie. I promise I wont hurt you. I just need your special blood for my Master to take over the human race."

Saavie, under a bed, saw the creatures feet go to the second floor. She looked over and saw new feet. Gasping, she heard a window crash and she heard a boy "Oh, crap!" There was then a silence. " Is anyone else here?"

Saavie crawled out from under the bed.. "H-Hello? Is he gone?" she stutered.
She saw a boy with black emo-ish hair. He looked like a mountain boy with a plain under shirt and blue jeans.

"Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" he almost screamed. He apparently saw her wounds.

"Yes. My wounds are ok."

"No they aren't. Come here." She walked up to him. He took a few bandages and wrapped her up.

"Who was he?" He asked her.

"His name is Tob. Three days ago he captured me and I escaped yesterday, but he is still following me." She replied. He finished the badages. "My name is Saavie Light."

"I'm John Brown."

"Thank you for the bandage." She thanked him.

"No problem."

Days passed and Tob was nowhere seen. Saavie and John ran to many places, looking for help, but no help was found. When Saavie walked her 2nd day, she finally sat down, of pain in her left foot. John looked behind and quickly jumped to her side. "What's wrong?" He asked jumpily. "My left foot, a tingly sharp pain in..." Saavie dozed off before finishing her sentence while John unwrapped her banadaged feet. After three minutes of unwrapping, John finally reveiled her left foot. A green slush was in her wound that Tob had givin her. John gasped, quickly cleaned the wound, and picked Saavie up.

John carried Saavie for about a mile before she woke up. "W-what happened?" she asked. "You dozed off Saavie, your left foot's wound is infected. I need to get you to a doctor."
"No, John. We have to keep going"
"Saavie, If we keep going, then you will die because that infection is in phase 4."
Saavie looked at him and jumped off. "I'm fine. He will kill anyone that he needs to,to kill me."
"Saavie, I have someone that works perfectly at making wounds heal fast." John argued. "We need you to get to her."

"Fine, just one thing. Why are you helping me?" she asked.
"I, uh, I think you are very pretty, inteligent and very sweet." he answered shrugging.
"Really?" she blushed.
"Yeah, I do. Your an amazing person."
Saavie wiped a tear from her eye. "I kinda like you too." she replied to him.
John smiled and they slowly kissed. John backed away," Amazing." then he slowly backed in to her mouth.
"Stop." Saavie commanded. "This is too fast."
"Alright."John replied. "We need to walk fast, he'll be here any minute."
"Right." They both ran into the forrest. "Who is this girl?"
"Just a really good friend." he told her.

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