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  • Artist Info: Hi there everyone!If you want to seriously know about me then<br />
    :Name:Starlightfright<br />
    Birthday:10/20<br />
    Love life: sad<br />
    Interests:Can't you read at the bottom?<br />
    Favorite forum: My cool forum<br />
    Favorite song: Remembering Sunday<br />
    Thats pretty much all you need to know about me! I have many friends.<br />
    My inbox is full<br />
    My store has at least 90,000 gold earned.<br />
    And I'm coolio!<br />
    I will steal your soul! Haha im just kidding!<br />
    But if you would like a present from me, then click the link on my signature, then pm me, and you will have a present! I know, when you click the link, you think you aren't getting a present, but you will if you pm me afterwards! Stay coolio!
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