• ''Oh what oh what will i do now?''Juilet asked her sister.
    ''Um I am bumed too.''
    ''Yea sure, you make friends fast!''Juilet said loudly.Juilet and her sister, Samma are always moving.Samma made friends in one day,Juilet took awhile.
    ''Come on i don't make friends that fast.''Samma was now angry.
    ''Yea sure''
    '' Yea right''
    ''Oh whatever!''
    Then thier mom came up.''Whats all the fuss about?
    ''Oh nothing.'' They both said.
    Juilet walked to her room.Lied on her bed thinking what oh what will i do now?
    Soon it was dinnertime.Samma looked at her plate and asked,''What is this.''
    ''Just some fish bones and the the meat is by the bones and the skin is by the meat.And bread.''Her mom paused.''You don't have to eat it if you don't want to.I'm not that good at cooking.You no that.Then she added quietly,''Your dad was always the better cook.''Her eyes got watery
    ''Oh sorry.''Samma paused,''I didn't mean to,I-
    ''Dont be sorry.''Her mother said.
    You see thier dad died in a car crash four months a go and still isn't over it.Thier mom's name is Asia and thier dad's name was Pullo.
    Then the phone rang."I got it!'',yelled Juilet.
    ''I know where you live."said a strange mans voice,then added,"This will be the firts of many bad acts.Be scared!"Then someone else said,"Oh sorry for a sec.My phone like didn't work."The voice sounding like a teenager."Is Asia Gena here?"
    Juilet asked,"Um who is this?"
    "Oh right um.......I'm Sarah Piece.I will be um...be the orginizer for the Gena funnal.
    "Sorry Asia isn't here."
    "Oh I'll call you back later."
    "B-."but before she could finish the girl hung-up.
    "oh um......wrong number."Juilet said quieqly.
    "Oh now go up and get ready you two!"
    So they did Juilet took five minutes,but Samma took one hour."We are tottal oppisites."Samma said than added,"Like how I take care of my hair and you don't or that I think I have better stlye or that-
    "Hey hey now that was rude."
    "I'm sorry but that the truth."
    "No comment."
    "Mom I'm ready."yelled Juilet.
    "Good night mom."Juilet said.
    "Good night.''said her mom,Asia
    "Wait ,mom,how many acted are in life?"asked Juilet
    "Now what kind of question is that."
    "Um i duno."
    "Well I guess milloin of acts."Her mother was coius of why she was asking this silly question.
    "Well, then is everyday a new acted?"
    "I guess you could say that."
    Then Juilet tought,Right I know you are just saying that to make me feel good.Well its kinda working.lol.